In the news: Fox 11 covers UW-Green Bay’s plans for voter ID compliance  

New voter ID requirements continue to make news here and across Wisconsin, and WLUK, Fox 11’s Kelly Schlicht was on campus Thursday (Sept. 18) to find out how UW-Green Bay is preparing. Schlicht spoke with University Union Director Rick Warpinski and Student Government Association President Vanya Koepke about the law, what the University has planned and the importance of getting out the vote. “Our first focus is to make sure that students have the availability to vote. So, we’re going to make sure we have the voter registration drives going,” Koepke said. Warpinski outlined the changes that will need to be made to current student ID cards to make them voter ID-compliant — they’ll need an issue and expiration date, as well as a student’s signature. “We will not charge the students to have that new ID issued to them,” Warpinski said. “It’s on an on-request basis because not all students will need to get one.” Full story.