Celebrating service: Wednesday’s Convocation to honor employment anniversaries

It’s almost time for another semester, and that means almost time for mid-year Convocation. Per tradition, the ceremony will honor UW-Green Bay faculty and staff members who are celebrating employment anniversaries this year. Congratulations (spoiler alert!) to the following folks:

40 years: Mary Baranek

35 years: Sharon Dimmer, Thomas Erdman

30 years: Marie Helmke, Sylvia “Mimi” Kubsch

25 years: Mona Christensen, Gregory Davis, Warren Johnson, Karen Sevick, Christine Style

20 years: John Lyon, Vicki Nellis, Brock Neverman, Brian Sutton, James Valentine

10 years: Matthew Albers, Sherri Arendt, Glen Barrett, Denise Bartell, Gary Belongia, Kenneth Bothof, Franklin Chen, Michael Gallagher, Susan Gallagher-Lepak, Pam Gilson, Stefan Hall, Rebecca Meacham, Eric Miller, Meir Russ, David Rye, Todd Sanders, Jamel Schiller, Patricia Theyerl, Amy Van Oss, Paul Vavra, Bryan Vescio, Kris Vespia, Anthony Zwick