Next Outreach dinner lecture to feature Slovakia, Meredith Livingston

UW-Green Bay Prof. Sarah Meredith Livingston will share her insights into the country of Slovakia and its Roma communities during a UW-Green Bay Dinner Lecture Series event Tuesday, March 31. A professor of Music and Women’s and Gender Studies, she has performed, traveled in and brought students to the small Eastern European country, having served as a guest professor at the Academy of Music and Dance in its capital, Bratislava. The menu includes Privarok (heavy soup), Šošpvicový (lentil soup); Vepřo-Knedlo-Zelo (pork with dumplings and cabbage), Kurací Paprikáš with Halušky (chicken paprikash with potato gnocci); roasted root vegetables, beverages and a dessert of poppy seed cake with whipped cream topping. See more details on the Outreach-organized event.