iPat movie: ‘Andromeda Strain’

At 7 p.m. this coming Monday (Dec. 7) in the Christie Theatre, the iPat film series will revisit a classic Hollywood thriller that “went viral” back in the days when UWGB was still new. With a nod to UWGB’s 50th anniversary, “The Andromeda Strain” from 1971 will be screened with an introduction and discussion led by Christine Vandenhouten, associate professor of Nursing. It’s a chance to discuss the movie — about a military space capsule that brings a deadly microbe back to Earth — and its current relevance to public health in an age of renewed concern over viruses, pandemics and climate change. Free admission and popcorn! If faculty would like to use this for an extra credit assignment, we can monitor a sign-in sheet for your class. The film series is sponsored by the Public and Environmental Affairs Department, the Center for Public Affairs, PEAC and The Common Theme initiative. Questions? Contact John Stoll, stollj@uwgb.edu or 465-2358.