Searching for Romeo discussion

UW-Green Bay Associate Prof. and Director of English Composition and the Writing Center, Brian Sutton, will be giving a presentation on his play, Searching for Romeo, from 2 to 3 p.m. on Monday, Nov. 7 in the 1965 room of the University Union. The discussion will revolve around the evolution of the play, from Sutton’s conception of the plot to its current state, as well as the production history and more. Joining Sutton will be Jeff Entwistle (set designer and publicity director), Kaoime Malloy (costume designer), to discuss their contributions to the play and how that relates to broader issues within set and costume design. “Overall, the session will touch on Shakespearean adaptation, certain specialized forms of creative writing and music composition, the collaborative nature of theatrical production, and perhaps the interplay between creative arts and market forces,” says Sutton. Free food will be provided. Tickets for the show, (Nov. 17-19), are on sale now at UTIC or Ticketstar locations.