Foundation President LeCalsey questions ‘personal attacks, reckless innuendo’

Speaking on behalf of the UW-Green Bay Council of Trustees and Foundation Board, longtime community advocate Lou LeCalsey issued a statement late Thursday afternoon that he was “deeply disappointed in both the tone and substance of accusations” made against the University and several administrators. “Personal attacks and reckless innuendo have no place in an intelligent debate on public policy,” LeCalsey said. “If you’re going to make an issue of current policies regarding the rehiring of retired state employees, make an issue of those policies. Let’s debate, but without the distortion and name-calling…” The recently retired Tufco CEO described chief business officer Tom Maki, special assistant Dan Spielmann and UW-Green Bay Chancellor Thomas K. Harden as individuals respected for their integrity. He said the Council of Trustees and Foundation Board have discussed the issue and members are supportive of such rehirings as “a perfectly legal, ethical and cost-effective staffing solution that has been used historically across the UW System, Wisconsin state government” and beyond. In this case, the move also saved taxpayer money. LeCalsey’s full statement is archived on the Foundation website.