Office Supply Exchange Depot

Too many paper clips, extra toner or staplers laying around your office area or stashed in a supply cabinet?  Do you need to order extra intra-campus envelopes or ring binders?   Before ordering new or tossing extra supplies, consider recycling surplus office supplies with your campus friends and coworkers. The Office Supply Exchange Depot started last year in the Receiving Area (LS 110) and has helped in providing boxes of surplus office supplies.  To get started, send your useable surplus office supplies in your campus mail bin and then stop by Receiving (LS 110) between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. to select needed surplus office supplies, currently including file holders, paper clips, 3 ring binders, and intra-campus envelopes.  Please note that this surplus is intended for UW-Green Bay campus work purposes only, not for personal use. It’s the environmentally correct thing to do, plus, with budgets getting tighter every year, every penny saved helps!  For questions, contact Al Cartwright or Eric Knapowski at or x2215.