Reid Ribble visited Associate Prof. Aaron Weinschenk’s class

On Thursday, March 28, 2019, students in Associate Prof. Aaron Weinschenk’s (Political Science) Congress: Politics & Policy class got to learn about the institution they’ve been studying all semester from a former member of Congress, Reid Ribble. This was Congressman Ribble’s fourth visit to one of Weinschenk’s classes over the last several years. During this year’s visit, Ribble talked about why he ran for Congress, his concerns about the way Congress operates, and ideas for reform. He also discussed President Trump’s tenure thus far, Constitutional questions facing the U.S., and timely policy issues, such as trade and immigration. Students were able to ask questions for about an hour during Ribble’s visit. Ribble is currently the CEO of the National Roofing Contractors Association, but maintains ties to the Green Bay area through speaking engagements like the one in Weinschenk’s class and his service on the Chancellor’s Council of Trustees. Chancellor Miller and his Chief of Staff, Ben Joniaux, attended Ribble’s lecture.