Next Philsopher’s Cafe is Wednesday, March 7

The next Philosopher’s Cafe is Wednesday, March 7 at 7 p.m. at Titletown Brewery (second floor), downtown Green Bay. The subject at the next Philosopher’s Cafe is, “Are We Hoarding the American Dream? Illusions of Meritocracy, Obsessions with Smartness, and Higher Education in the U.S.” Moderators are Denise Bartell (Director for Student Success and Engagement) and Caroline Boswell (Associate Prof. of Humanities). Here’s the description: “In this cafe we’ll examine how our beliefs in the meritocratic and egalitarian nature of our society and about the nature of intellect may collide to impede access to higher education, widely believed the surest path to the American Dream. Exploring the premises of two recent books, Dream Hoarders and Are You Smart Enough, we will critically engage these ideas to examine the intended and unintended impacts on higher ed in the U.S.” Free and open to the public. Contact Christopher Martin (Humanities), for details.