Grads loved it at UW-Green Bay

UW-Green Bay graduatesGREEN BAY—Graduating students had a lot of good things to say about UW-Green Bay on Commencement Day.

The newest alumni—part of a record-setting class of mid-year graduates—loved the faculty, the hands-on learning and of course, the tunnels.

UW-Green Bay had 361 graduates this semester, with about 270 participating in Commencement. Graduates came from points across Wisconsin, the Midwest and the United States. Six graduates hailed from other nations, including Haiti, Kazakhstan, Peru, Morocco, Vietnam and Belarus. They graduated with degrees from 34 undergraduate majors and three master’s degree programs. More than 85 graduated with honors, including 23 with highest honors. Hear what some of the newest alumni have to say about their time spent living and learning here at UW-Green Bay.



UW-Green Bay
Winter Commencement 2008

Allison Jandt
Political Science

It feels good. It’s finally done. After four-and-a-half years, it’s a big relief. Now I have to figure out where to go next.

I liked the professors in our department, Political Science. They were really helpful. They were always there for you. I think socializing (and) making friends is really easy here, and going out. You know, it was a really good time.

Quan Hoang (of Vietnam)
Master’s of Management

The most impressive (thing) to me was the faculty. They are very nice. They are like my family away from home.

Brown County Executive Tom Hinz
Interdisciplinary Studies, Adult Degree Program

There’s so much inside of us that we don’t know about, so I felt if I can motivate some young person and say, ‘Hey, this old guy went back. He got his degree. He can learn. I can learn also.’ If I can get one person to do that, this whole trip’s been worthwhile. It’s been worthwhile already. But if I can motivate a couple young people, that’d be my legacy.

Jessica Mannigel
Communication and the Arts

The people are absolutely wonderful, the students, the professors, they really believe in connecting learning to life and making sure you get that real-world experience in the classroom.

Gerardo Mercado
Business Administration

It’s a fun place to be in. It’s a nice place to learn, too. I mean, that’s the most important thing; you want to be able to learn new things and grasp new experiences, as well.

Ryan Mellenthin

Study hard and have fun. It’s a great time. Great school.

Everything you learn you can really use once you get out of college. It hleps you in your job search and, pretty much, just maturing as a person.

Ainura Khissimova (of Kazakhstan)
Business Administration

You should come to UW-Green Bay for a lot of reasons; to excel in the real world, to get an education and be successful in real life, and reach your goals to be a person 100 percent.

(The) absolute best thing is the faculty. I give them a big plus to my faculty. They’re the people that mean a lot to me. And this campus, also. The location, the snow, the winter. It’s perfect. And the tunnels. I loved that part of it.

I left my heart at UWGB and I’m really sad to leave.

Congratulations Graduates!


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