UW-Green Bay Photographer Dan Moore’s Top Photos of 2021

It’s fun going back through the year’s photos. I usually start the process thinking that I didn’t shoot anything good, and then find out that I actually took some pretty nice shots. Here are 10 of my favorite photos from 2021:

Hoar Frost

On January 4 there was a beautiful coating of hoar frost across campus. I particularly like the look for frost here with the warm backlight of the sun.

Lab Reflection

I liked the way the student’s face was reflected in the hood of this biology lab. As my fellow photographer Sue said in her Top 10 post, “every photographer loves capturing reflections.”

Drive-Thru Commencement

Maybe I shouldn’t have been a distraction from the diploma being handed out… but she was too cute!


As I walked in to the office on morning during Pride Month, I noticed the wind and light was just right for this shot, so I ran and got my camera to capture it.

Storm Clouds Over the Cofrin Library

Every time it looks like a thunderstorm is coming in, if I’m able, I head out to try to capture one of my dream shots of a lighting strike on campus. So far I’ve struck out every time (see what I did there?), but in the process I get cool shots like this.


After completing a service project, new students are treated to a party at Lambeau Field. They seemed to have fun.

Rock Wall

This is an image I’ve wanted to make for a couple of years. UREC held a welcome event in the fall and it was the perfect time to climb the wall myself to make it happen.


Student Aisa Rogers sang a Whitney Houston-level National Anthem at the installation ceremony for Chancellor Alexander.

Audio Studio

The music department has a new Audio Production area of emphasis. I was doing a shoot there and am pretty happy with how this student portrait turned out.

Traditional Commencement

I shot this from the conductor’s stand and the back of the stage. As I’m shooting I hear, whispered, “Dan, Dan..”  I look down and Kevin Collins (Associate Professor of Music, and actual conductor) is trying to hand me his baton. Um, I’m sure the band would still play fine with my random gestures, but let’s not find out.


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