Poster projects lead to new opportunities

Non-profit poster symposium

How do non-profit organizations contribute to local communities? How does one manage the challenging and dynamic nature of a public-serving organization? Students in Prof. Lora Warner’s Public and Nonprofit Management Class spent the semester researching and expanding their knowledge of best approaches to managing public and nonprofit organizations before presenting what they have learned in an end-of-semester public poster presentation.

The project proved to be much more for Taylor Hilgart, who reported on the Brown County United Way — Strategic Planning, Volunteer Management, Fundraising/Budgeting, and Partnering & Collaborating — it also led to a spring semester internship.

“I will be working with Ashley Vanden Boomen next semester to implement United Way’s Common Outcomes Framework, which will help United Way’s grantees better measure the performance and outcomes of their programs,” Hilgart said.

Student Rachel Steffel took a different approach, already an employee at Schneider Foundation, she worked closely with LuEllen Oskey, Executive Director of the Schneider Foundation to expand her knowledge of the Foundation’s board of directors, granting process, accountability and executive leadership.

“I thought it would be interesting to learn more about my organization that I work with and what they do for the community,” Steffel said. “Throughout the project, I learned that the Schneider Foundation has a social responsibility to make the communities a better place where their associates live and work. Overall, this was a valuable experience. I am going to use this academic experience while applying for jobs after graduation.”

The class project has led to many second semester opportunities for students, according to Prof. Warner. Those who presented their posters December 8:

  • Amy Baldwin, Golden House
  • Carolyn Doan, Unity Hospice
  • Alexander Girard, City of Green Bay Mayor’s Office
  • Taylor Hilgart, Brown County United Way
  • Megan Jones, Title VII Education Program
  • Cassie Kogle, Kroc Center
  • Amber Kraus, Neville Public Museum & Foundation
  • Roshelle Makinia, Girl Scouts
  • Amy Niemuth, Bellin Health and Foundation
  • Aron Obrecht, Veterans organizations
  • Paul Patschke, Harbor House in Fox Valley
  • Olivia Stecker, Green Bay Children’s
  • Rachel Steffel, Schneider Corporate Foundation

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Nonprofit Symposium 12-8-15

– Photos by Dan Moore, Marketing and University Communication

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