Team players: Alumni make an impact working for Green Bay Packers

top-packers-groupFrom marketing to social media, I.T. to H.R., UW-Green Bay alumni are making a difference throughout the Green Bay Packers organization. We talked to several alumni, both recent and less so, about the UW-Green Bay experience, how it’s prepared them for careers with the most storied franchise in professional sports — and what it’s really like to stand on the field on game day.

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“I loved my experience at UW-Green Bay,” said Packers corporate sales executive Dana Kressig ’01. “I mean, looking back, I would definitely say that’s made a huge impact on my success, and allowing me to be here with the Packers today.”

For Ryan Hartwig, a 2009 grad who ran cross country with the Phoenix, the student-athlete experience was second to none.

“The UW-Green Bay community’s just a special place,” said Hartwig, a content developer with Packers Media Group. “It was for me, and just the people there are great.”

Tammi Schroeder ’10, is a partnership services coordinator in Sales and Business Development. After starting her college career elsewhere, Schroeder transferred to UW-Green Bay. It was the right move, she said — especially because the University helped her find an internship with the Packers that led to her current job.

“I don’t think I would have had the opportunity,” Schroeder said, “or be where I am today if I didn’t transfer to UWGB and graduate from there.”

Alumni who work for the Packers say they still have their pinch-me moments — times they’re reminded of just how cool their jobs can be.

“It never gets old — I mean, I have a key to Lambeau Field,” said Kandi Goltz ’87, game and fan development manager. “When I stand on the field on game day — I mean, I stand on the field for the entire game — and when we introduce the team and you hear, ‘ladies and gentlemen, your 13-time World Champion Green Bay Packers,’ I get goosebumps. I still get goosebumps.”

Added Shea Greil ’99, a partnership services coordinator in Sales and Business Development:

“There is nothing like being in that tunnel on game day, and having 70,000-some fans just rocking the stadium.”

Working for the hometown team is a tremendous opportunity, Hartwig said.

“It’s definitely cool,” he said. “I grew up in Northeast Wisconsin as a Packers fan, loved sports all my life. So it’s definitely a great experience working here.”

An experience, Greil said, that’s as exciting for the employees as it is for the fans.

“It’s never a dull moment,” she said. “That’s also an amazing part of this job, is it’s never the same day twice.”

UW-Green Bay is a higher education partner of the Green Bay Packers. More information about the partnership is available online.

The alumni pictured above (L-R) are Dana Kressig ’01, Tammi Schroeder ’10, Ryan Hartwig ’09, Ryan Nowak ’06, Shea Greil ’99, Mike Jelenic ’96, Chelsea Schettle ’13, and Kandi Goltz ’87

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