Prof. Martin’s Psychology book to release in January

Book Cover: Why We Get Mad: How to Use Your Anger for Positive Change by Dr. Ryan Martin
Portrait of Ryan Martin

Ryan Martin

Professor Ryan Martin’s (Psychology) book, Why We Get Mad: How to Ue Your Anger for Positive Change, will be released globally on Jan. 12, 2020, but is available on pre-order. While a Watkins title, Penguin Random House is distributing Martin’s book in the United States.

This is the book on anger, the first book to explain exactly why we get mad, what anger really is, and how to cope with and use it. Often confused with hostility and violence, anger is fundamentally different from these aggressive behaviors and in fact can be a healthy and powerful force in our lives.

Martin offers questionnaires, emotion logs, control techniques, and many tools to help readers understand better what pushes their buttons and what to do with angry feelings when they arise.

You can find it listed at the Penguin Random House site. Martin’s book is one of Watkins’ lead titles and is available across multiple retailers.

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