360° of Learning Video

The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay unveiled its institutional brand, 360° of Learning, with a celebration Nov. 14 that included the premiere of a new, 60-second internet and broadcast spot capturing the essence of a UW-Green Bay education.

[youtube id=”1gkp08_BITA” width=”400″ height=”225″]


“Look around you. The world’s spinning faster. And finding your place in it is tougher than ever.

You have to look at things from different angles. Be open to differing viewpoints and challenge yourself to get past the usual assumptions.

Only then, can you gain perspective, discover new truths, and see what you’re truly capable of becoming.

Welcome to 360° of learning from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, where our unique approach enables students to explore problems from a much broader perspective— seeing all the angles and dimensions, and ultimately all the possibilities.

It’s an all around different way of learning, and all around right for you.”

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