Lindsey Beseler ’21 receives Chancellor’s Holiday Art Scholarship

UW-Green Bay student Lindsey Beseler ’21 is the Chancellor’s Holiday Art Scholarship recipient. Along with the scholarship, her ceramic vessels (“Untitled” porcelain with precious metals) were selected to be featured on the Chancellor’s annual holiday card.

Artist’s Statement

“I wanted to create a ceramic vessel that is both functional yet has an interesting feel to it.

So in turn, I created a simple geometrical design composed of triangles. The triangles create space depth that can be seen from all viewpoints of the piece, inside and out. The bold colors of red and black create a marble pattern on two of the three pieces. Along with that, gold can be seen accentuating the features of this design.

Art Card Student-1

Lindsey Beseler ’21

These ceramic pieces were created as a part of my project in my Intermediate Ceramics class where I was learning the technique of slip casting. Slip casting is a way to create efficient and quality replicas of the same piece. I started by creating my prototype out of stoneware clay, which I then used to create a plaster mold. I poured porcelain slip into the mold, allowed it to sit, and poured the rest out leaving me with this vessel shape. I tried experimenting with using different colored slip to create the marble design. The white one has the clean look of porcelain. I then used gold precious metals to add more detail which completes the look of the piece.

This piece is uncomplicatedly abstract, which I feel brings out the beauty within that minimalism. I look forward to experimenting with new and fun colors to use in my future slip casts.”