Nearly 3,000 items collected for the Campus Cupboard

Photo: Campus Cupboard and Closet Food Drive
Campus Cupboard and Closet Food Drive

Thank you to all who participated in the Campus Cupboard and Campus Closet Food Drive that will benefit UW-Green Bay community members at all four campuses! The Peanut Butter Bandits were the winners (team Natural and Applied Sciences and TRIO) with 1,424 points, and will be treated to Vice Chancellor Corey King’s “famous southern-style sweet potato pie.” If you have any questions about Campus Cupboard and Closet, reach out to Here’s how the competition ended:

1st: Peanut Butter Bandits (1,424)
2nd: Hamburger Helper Hot Shots (1,257 points)
3rd: Laundry Detergent Legends (844 points)
4th: Applesauce All Stars (658 points)
5th: Toothpaste Titans (645 points)
6th: Cereal Champions (569 points)
7th: Dish Soap Dominators (542 points)
8th: Syrup Squad (478 points)
9th: Boxed Cereal Captains (452 points)
10th: Toilet Paper Maniacs (365 points)
11th: Deodorant Dream Team (362 points)


Cereal Champions

Humanities (Theatre Hall 331)
Student Accessibility Services (Student Services 1700)

Applesauce All Stars

GBOSS (Student Services 1100)
Resch Center School of Engineering (Environmental Sciences 317)

Peanut Butter Bandits

Natural and Applied Sciences (Environmental Sciences 317)
TRIO (Student Services 1721)

Syrup Squad

Human Biology (Environmental Sciences 317)
Marketing and University Communication (Cofrin Library 820)

Laundry Detergent Legends

Academic Advising (Student Services 1600)
First Nations Studies (Wood Hall 410)
Psychology (MAC Hall, C Wing, by the Mailboxes)

Dish Soap Dominators

Business Administration (Wood Hall 460)
Chancellor’s Office (Cofrin Library 810)
Social Work Professional Programs (Rose Hall 310)
University Advancement (Cofrin Library 805)

Hamburger Helper Hot Shots

CATL (Cofrin Library 405)
Information Technology (Instructional Services, IT Help Desk)
Multi-Ethnic Student Affairs (University Union, Third Floor Front Desk)
Pride Center (University Union, Third Floor Front Desk)
Student Engagement Center (University Union, Third Floor Front Desk)
University Union (University Union, Third Floor Front Desk)

Toothpaste Titans

Behavioral Health Training Partnership (Rose Hall 305)
College of Health, Education and Social Welfare (Rose Hall 305)
Provost (Cofrin Library 835)
University Recreation (Kress Events Center, Front Desk)

Deodorant Dream Team

Accounting and Finance (Wood Hall 460)
Cofrin School of Business (Wood Hall 460)
Education (Rose Hall 305)

Boxed Ceral Champions

Marketing and Management (Wood Hall 460)
Nursing and Health Studies (Rose Hall 305)
Phuture Phoenix (Rose Hall 305)
Small Business Development Center (Wood Hall 460)
Weidner Center (Administrative Offices, Weidner Center)

Toilet Paper Maniacs

Admissions (Student Services 1100)
Career Services (Student Services 1100)
Enrollment Services (Student Services 1100)
Financial Aid (Student Services 1100)
Registrar (Student Services 1100)