Campaign update: '$5, $50, $500… it doesn't really matter.'

Prof. Scott AshmannThe University of Wisconsin-Green Bay has been part of Scott Ashmann’s life for nearly three decades.

He graduated from UW-Green Bay in 1988, directed the Regional Center for Math and Science on campus for five years and in 2003, joined the faculty in the Professional Program in Education.

Ashmann is this year’s faculty co-chair for the Faculty/Staff Campaign.

“As we all know the economic times are challenging,” Ashmann said. “The amount of funding from the state is getting to be less and less and it’s getting harder and harder to get donors to give money to organizations. So if we can do anything to help people from this University who go out and ask for funds, we should do that.”

Beverly Carmichael, the University’s assistant chancellor for advancement, has said potential donors and foundations often gauge internal support when evaluating whether to give to a particular cause or organization.

This year’s goal at UW-Green Bay is to have 67% of the full-time faculty and staff members donate to the campaign. As the campaign enters its final week, 44% have donated so far, including 41 new donors. Seventy-one people increased their gifts from last year.

But Ashmann says any amount will be put to good use.

“It does not matter how large the gift is, just that they do give something and it can be very small. It doesn’t have to be much,” Ashmann said. “I think it’s more important that the percentage of people who give on campus is as high as possible. That can be with a $5 gift, a $50 gift or a $500 gift it really doesn’t matter.”

The campaign ends next Tuesday, October 12.

For more information on the campaign or to donate click here.

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