Video update: 'It's a great University… and I want to keep it that way'

Joe SchoenebeckJoe Schoenebeck says people may not recognize him until they see his goatee or hear his laugh.

“I shaved for my first day of work: May 6, 2006,” Schoenebeck said with his signature laugh. “It’s been going ever since.”

The 2001 UW-Green Bay chemistry grad is the Classified Staff co-chair for the Faculty-Staff Campaign.

“This is a great University,” Schoenebeck said. “I went to school here and I came back to work here. Everything about it is really great. The campus is really beautiful. We have wonderful staff and faculty. I think the students appreciate that and I want to keep it that way in the future.”

One week into the 2010 campaign, more than 17% of the full-time employees have donated. Not bad, but well short of the 67% goal. Twenty-eight of the donors increased their gift from last year. So far, 10 are new donors.

Schoenebeck says he donates to the campaign because he can target where his money goes.

“There are certain parts of campus that I really feel are more important to me and I like that my money is going to that instead of just going into one big fund where I might never see the benefit of it,” Schoenebeck said.

There’s still plenty of time to donate to the campaign. It ends October 12.

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