‘The Upside of Anger’ by Ryan Martin at TEDxFondduLac

Ryan Martin TEDxFondduLac

UW-Green Bay Prof. Ryan Martin (Psychology and Human Development) was one of the speakers for the sell-out TEDxFondduLac event in May. Themed “Enough,” Martin spoke about “The Upside of Anger.”

Here’s a bit of what you can expect to hear from his presentation…

“Because I’m an anger researcher. And so I spend a good part of my work-life… and who am I kidding, also my personal life… studying why people get mad. I study the types of thoughts they have when they get mad, and even what they do when they get mad whether it’s getting into fights, breaking stuff, or even yelling at someone in all caps over the internet.

As you’ve probably guessed, when people find out I’m an anger researcher, they want to talk about it with me. They want to tell me their anger stories. Not because they need a therapist, though that does sometimes happen, but because it’s something they relate to.  Anger is universal.”

Enjoy this funny, thoughtful and engaging video!

‘The Upside of Anger’ by Ryan Martin at TEDxFondduLac


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