The Weidner unveils mobile stage at the igNight Market, downtown Green Bay (check out the video!)

By Rowan Voskuil

Rowan is a senior Arts Management major and in her second year working as a P.E.E.P. (Production and Event Execution and Promotion) student worker at the Weidner.

On August 20th, 2022, The Weidner unveiled its brand new mobile stage at the igNight Market in downtown Green Bay at Leicht Park. We first gathered in the Tarlton Theatre’s parking lot before UW-Green Bay’s chancellor, Michael Alexander, turned heads as he drove the mobile stage into the festival for its first public appearance. Among the many happenings at the igNight Festival, the phoenix branded stage finally spread its “wings” in the form of a stage for all to enjoy.

Designed and welded by Green Bay’s Kent Hutchison, the Weidner mobile stage began as an old golf cart from the UW-Green Bay golf course. The top was removed to create room for the “wings” of the phoenix at either side of the cart. These “wings” can be unfolded and rearranged to create the stage in a matter of minutes, allowing the performing arts to be brought to the public anywhere, at any time. Not only is the stage practical and unique, but also a piece of art in itself. Kent’s artistry and attention to detail is evident throughout the phoenix’s head, which includes glass blown eyes that glow with a flip of a switch.

The evening at the Ignite Market started with Green Bay’s Randy Peterson as the first artist to ever grace the Weidner mobile stage. He kept the crowd’s interest and got people up and moving with fun songs for the whole family. Then later, in the evening, the Green Bay-based group known as Brass Differential took the stage and finished the evening off on a high note. The stage is closed up just as quickly and efficiently as it was opened before getting driven back off the festival grounds and onto the streets. The joy and excitement shared at the igNight Market is only a mere glance into what the Weidner mobile stage will do in the future.

Keep an eye out for it in the community; you never know where it’ll pop up next!

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