UW-Green Bay First Gen student Adan Cordova: problem-solver, father, future physician

Adan Cordova’s life in Honduras was marked by hard work and a yearning for better prospects. This desire, kindled by his mother’s resilience, led him nearly 2,000 miles north to Green Bay. He arrived with little more than a steadfast determination to effect change.

Navigating his roles as a father, partner, and first-generation college student in a foreign land presented colossal challenges— almost as vast as the distance he had travelled. Yet, UW-Green Bay’s support for First Generation students, coupled with his unwavering tenacity, helped him withstand the initial hardships. Cordova selected Human Biology as his primary area of interest, and began his rise to become a doctor.

Pursuing a major in human biology would be daunting for anyone, let alone for someone for whom English is a second language. However, the Phoenix community was equal to the task—professors adopted diverse teaching methodologies to enhance his comprehension, and a dedicated staff assisted him through the complex maze of financial aid and scholarships.

Cordova’s unflagging pursuit of education, despite his numerous roles, stands as a testament to his resilience and resolve. His journey, illuminating amid adversity, serves as a guiding light for his children and an inspiration for non-traditional students. His story shares how strength, tenacity, and a dedication to learning can surmount challenges and effect transformation.

UW-Green Bay continues to be devoted to nurturing all students and maintains that everyone, given the appropriate support, has the right to succeed. Cordova’s narrative is one of potential, flourishing in an environment that nurtures dreams, fosters inclusivity, and paves the way for those bold enough to seize opportunities.

Discover more about Cordova’s inspiring journey—click on the video below.

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