Camper sitings: Art, science and video camps in full swing

It’s never quiet on a college campus. Mid-July means summer campers overtake the walkways, the labs, cafeterias and the outdoor spaces. Students enjoyed the High School and Middle School Art Camps, Life’s a Lab–Reality Science Camp, and Video Game Programming recently.

High school art students could study among a variety of class offerings: photography trashion/fashion, acrylics, computer animation, selfie drawing, metals: jewelry and small sculpture, watercolor, screen printing and graffiti! Middle-school students chose between drawing, ceramics, comic book illustration, photography, fashion design, book-making, watercolor, acrylics, mixed media art and jewelry making. They proudly modeled and exhibited their work at the end of camp.

UW-Green Bay partnered with Bellin College to offer Life’s a Lab, where campers explored careers in the health sciences — specifically in physical therapy, sports medicine, emergency medical fields, radiology/oncology, mortuary, and research science.

The Video Game Programming Camp was for those interested in the applications and programming behind video games. Students learned how to write gaming programs and develop their own games. These camps are filled to capacity.

Dan Moore from UW-Green Bay’s Outreach and Adult Access area captured students learning, dreaming, creating, inspiring and enjoying. Enjoy the photos below and check out more about UWGB Summer Camps.

Real World Robotics and STEM Camps
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Real World Robotics and STEM Camps, July 2015, UW-Green Bay

High School Summer Art Studio
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High School Art Summer Camp 2015

Middle School Summer Art Studio
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Middle School Art Summer Camp 2015

Life’s a Lab-Reality Science Camp
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Life's a Lab Summer Camp 2015

Introduction to Video Game Programming Camp
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Video Game Programming Summer Camp 2015

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