Winning names of UW-Green Bay Peregrine falcons are…

Falcon on Cofrin Sign

The Cofrins! About 400 ballots were cast to name the Peregrine falcons hatched at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay’s Cofrin Library in May. By popular vote, the falcons will be named Austin, David, Douglass and Peter, respectfully honoring the four deceased male members of the Cofrin family who, through philanthropic support, helped build and sustain the University. The Peregrines, on Wisconsin’s endangered list, prompted more than 170 name nominations (the farthest from France). The Cofrins received 21% of the vote, followed closely by Phoenix, Pharrell, Phillip and Phineas and Art, Ed, Biz and Cy. The Packers (Aaron, Jordy, Randall and Clay) came in fourth. The successful hatching is the first at UW-Green Bay since the first nesting pair was seen on campus about seven years ago.

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Peregrine Falcon Name Reveal

– Photos by Dan Moore, Marketing and University Communication

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