Watch the video: Options are open with a bachelor’s degree in Communication

The UW-Green Bay Communication program teaches skills to become a transformative communicator, which leads to a variety of career paths including mass media, social media, public relations, sports communication, organizational communication, health communication, or journalism. UW-Green Bay Communication Major Kendra Lepper says, “The great thing about communication is that everyone communicates. I can kind of go for any angle in Communications.”  With supportive professors and a collaborative environment, UW-Green Bay is the perfect place to explore your options in the communication field. Watch what Kendra has to say about a career in Communications, below.

[Note to reader: this video includes information about UW-Green Bay’s Bachelor of Science in Communication program]

Transcript: The great thing about communication is that everyone communicates. The Communication Program has a variety of emphases based off what you want to do in Communications. So no matter what area of emphasis you choose, you’re helping organizations communicate effectively the information that they need to get across. For example, public relations is helping organizations communicate with the image that they want to relate to the world. Organizational communication is helping businesses communicate within their organization. Sports is going to be with the Packers or the Brewers or any sports team. Social media, pretty straightforward, it’s what we use day in, day out but it’s learning how to use that as a communication tool rather than just for fun. And mass media is more TV, radio, any any sort of media, newspapers, magazines. And with that, I can kind of do whatever I want when I graduate. I can kind of go for any angle in Communications. What I enjoy most about the Communication Program is hands down the professors. They know every student by name. They make sure that you’re succeeding and doing what they can to help you succeed and it really is it’s like one big family in the Communication Department. My first favorite core class was Communication 102. That’s the first class you’ll take in Communication and that was the one that really got me excited to start my path of Communication. So I had one emphasis at the time and after that class, I had four. I’m so incredibly thankful for my time as a student at UW-Green Bay. Looking back over these past four and a half years there’s nowhere else I would have wanted to have had my educational experience. I’ve had four emphases and two minors. I’ve studied abroad. I’ve done everything I can think of doing on this campus and I’ve enjoyed every single minute of it. There’s nothing I would change and I loved being a Phoenix.


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