Photos: Young Peregrines ‘Holly’ and ‘Wolf’ receive their official names and bands

young peregrine falcons

Two of UW-Green Bay’s young Peregrine falcons received their bands for future identification and their names. One was named “Holly” after enthusiast Holly Keener (Provost’s Assistant) and the other was named “Wolf” after Prof. Amy Wolf who is often the faculty supervisor for the student researchers working with the falcons, and Jacob Woulf, the graduate student who led the effort to set up the web cams for the livestream to watch the falcons from nesting to flight each year.

Greg Septon, leader of Wisconsin’s Peregrine recovery efforts during the past 30 years, once again led the banding effort. The endangered falcons have been nesting on the Cofrin Library for a number of years.

Holly Keener and Holly (Peregrine)

Holly Keener and Holly

Greg Septon and Brandon Byrne, Banding falcons

Greg Septon and Brandon Byrne

Greg Septon and Max Stafford banding falcons

Greg Septon and Max Stafford