Grad achieves dual goals of earning diploma, walking to receive it

Jennifer Ulrich, UW-Green Bay graduateFor new UW-Green Bay alumna Jennifer Ulrich, crossing the stage during spring commencement ceremonies was doubly meaningful.

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There was the achievement of earning her degree in Psychology, something for which she’d worked long and hard. Then there was the way she physically accepted her diploma, standing — and walking — her way across the Kress Events Center stage.

It was a walk once thought impossible by doctors, family members — even Ulrich herself.  She has spina bifida and cerebral palsy, and has used a wheelchair since childhood. But after some serious goal-setting with roommates — and some even more serious hard work, exercise and physical therapy — Ulrich walked the walk during Saturday’s event.

“About a year ago my roommates and I set a goal — I just wanted to walk, period,” Ulrich said. “(For) commencement, it’s a big thing for someone to walk across the stage — and I thought that’d be the perfect time to walk across the stage.”

And she did, rising to her feet as a packed house at the Kress rose to theirs. Grasping her walker with her assistance dog, Wilson, at her side, Ulrich walked to receive her diploma. Twice she sat down in a wheelchair wheeled behind her — unaided, Ulrich can walk about 38 feet at a time. But, to applause, cheers and shouts of “you can do it!” — Ulrich had.

The walk and the diploma were equally rewarding, Ulrich said, because both took a tremendous amount of work. There were times she was ill and had to miss class, so keeping up could be a challenge. But Ulrich was undeterred, and determined to finish her degree.

Now that she’s achieved two of her major goals, Ulrich is poised to set new ones. Her next steps — after an upcoming surgery — will include either another undergraduate degree or pursuing her master’s. After achieving so much, Ulrich has advice for those who face challenges.

“Go for your goals — no matter how small or big, just go for them,” Ulrich said. “And you can achieve so much if you believe in yourself.”

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