Find retiree Richard Logan on national TV, and at a local book signing event

Prior to retiring in 2004, professor Richard (Dick) Logan, the well-known adventurist who led trips to Africa and nurtured a special relationship with local Amish communities, had also developed a national reputation as an expert in the psychology of lone survival.

His interest in the subject stemmed from the amazing story of Terry Jo Duperrault (now Tere Duperrault Fassbender), just 11 years old when she was rescued, surviving for days on a cork and canvas float with no food or water after her family was murdered at sea on a chartered sailboat off the coast of Florida.

Her rescue photos featured in Life Magazine touched people throughout the world. In later years she received letters from new mothers saying they had named their newborn baby girls “Terry Jo” after “the bravest girl in the world.”

Duperrault has never publicly or fully told her story — until now. Authored by Logan and Duperrault Fassbender, ALONE: Orphaned on the Ocean is her story of survival and eventually, healing. It gained national publicity May 6, when both Logan and Duperrault Fassbender appear on The Today Show to promote the book. The book is written by Logan, and Duperrault Fassbender is author of the final chapter. It is published by Tracy Ertl of Titletown Publishing, Green Bay.

Logan will be signing his book and greeting his Green Bay friends from 7 to 9 p.m. Friday, May 14 at Barnes & Noble, Green Bay.

“This is a story of surviving sudden horror, terror, loss (of her whole family) and also sudden peril (a murderer, a sinking ship), then days of peril adrift on the ocean,” according to Logan. “It is one extraordinary story. In fact, it is three stories: First an account of the unspeakable series of events Tere survived, then an account of the man who seems to have brought all of this horror about, then an account of Tere’s life — of how she struggled mostly by herself to build a life — over the decades since all of that horror and loss. It is about survival, and about healing.”

Les Stroud, creator and star of the Discovery Channel’s Survivorman writes the forward and calls the book “part perfect Hollywood script, part hard-core story of survival, and part in-depth character study, Alone: Orphaned on the Ocean is a gripping read.”

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