Molly Gwitt has been awarded Outstanding Senior Show Award

The Art Discipline is pleased to announce that Molly Gwitt has been awarded the Outstanding Senior Show Award. The exhibition is located in the Lawton Gallery Room 230 runs until May 13. See the virtual version.

Artist Statement

I am a multimedia artist designing and creating functional forms. The intention behind my work is to recreate the captured moment of my experience with nature through utilitarian handmade forms. Using my multimedia approaches, I’ve created an interior space that is inspired by the natural world. Here, the items that are a reflection of my experiences become a part of our living environment.

My work is in homage to the traditional Japanese garden. Japanese gardens are a space intended to capture the essence and natural beauties of nature. These gardens enhance our quality of life by bringing serenity and nature into our crowded lives. Just like the Japanese, I am attempting to guide nature into the home to create a beautiful yet tranquil environment through my art.

Growing up in Wisconsin, I have explored many forests, caves and swamps. I find when I am immersed within nature I feel the most at peace. Hiking and mushroom hunting are what helps me recharge and find inspiration for my art. I wanted to bring the peaceful feeling that nature brings me into the home. Thus, creating this space.

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