Video and Photos: Heirloom Plant Sale 2021

Inside the Lab Sciences Greenhouse at UW-Green Bay, the Natural and Applied Sciences academic team is growing hundreds of heirloom plants and open-pollinated cultivars for gardeners for the upcoming annual Heirloom Plant Sale to support student research.

Heirloom plants are unique and rare! Gardeners will find:

  • 59 different varieties of tomatoes,
  • 41 varieties of peppers,
  • A variety of vegetables, herbs, and a collection of flowers.
  • Overall, there are 202 different heirloom plants and open-pollinated cultivars for gardeners.

To order, go to

  • Scheduled pick-up times will be held on May 13, 14, and 15.
  • Payment will be at pick up (cash or check only).
  • Masks will be required for pick-up.

Video Transcript: Hi, I’m Karen Stahlheber. I’m an Assistant Professor of Biology and a member of the Natural and Applied Sciences Unit here at UW-Green Bay.

This year we’re holding our annual Heirloom Plant Sale to support student research and visiting scientists to give seminars at our institution. Heirlooms are a really unique and special kind of plant that gardeners can choose to grow in their garden. They have been passed down through generations and have been around for a really long time. The plants that we grow are among the most flavorful and exciting that you could pick.

This year we have around 200 different varieties of peppers, and tomatoes, flowers, herbs, and even a few native plants. We have a new website, where we’ll be collecting order information and you can browse all of the different kinds of plants that are available and reserve some for yourself, and select a date to come by and pick them up from us.

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Heirloom Plant Sale 2021

– Video and Photos by Sue Pischke, Marketing and University Communication.

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