Digging in: UW-Green Bay Composter Update

Filling the composter
University Union staff fill the composter

University Union staff at “Eco U” have been hard at work composting. From Oct. 8, 2020 to March 30, 2021, UW-Green Bay processed 37,833 pounds of food waste and is averaging about 2,200 pounds a week in the year-old composter. About 75% of food waste is turned into compost, thus, the composter has created about 28,500 pounds of compost.

The composting process at UW-Green Bay starts as wood chips from local commercial tree removal companies and UW-Green Bay Dining food waste (two buckets of wood chips for every bucket of food waste). Add some heat and time and you have COMPOST!

The plan is to supply Gwood chip and compost pilesreen Bay Community Gardens with compost, but members of the University community and local community will be welcome to the compost sometime this spring.

Questions about the University composter may be directed to Grant Winslow, winslowg@uwgb.edu.

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