Video: UW-Green Bay’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing program

Photo of a UW-Green Bay nursing student using an otoscope on a high-tech mannequin inside the new Nursing Skills Center at the Green Bay campus.

As a young girl, Grace was drawn to jump in and help when somebody was sick or injured. If you have a calling to take care of people—become a nurse. Get started today at this website. UW-Green Bay’s Nursing Program provides you with hands-on nursing experiences in a variety of medical settings in the greater Green Bay area. The Aurora BayCare Medical Center Nursing Skills Center gives nursing students real-life experiences using high-tech patient simulators to prepare students for their hands-on, hospital-site clinicals. For more information visit

UW-Green Bay: B.S. Nursing Program Video Transcript: 

When people get sick or ill or their even upset like its emotional, you want to help them. And I feel like a lot of people turn away from that and I was always interested in jumping into it. If that’s you, you know you want to take care of people or you want to push yourself to be a nurse and go through nursing school, I think that this is the opportunity.

UW-Green Bay offers that.

A lot of hospitals actually require that you have your BSN within five years of hire. So, it’s awesome that Green Bay offers an opportunity for you to get your BSN and not have to go back to school. You can just be done, and work and I think that’s awesome.

The professors at UW-Green Bay are very approachable and knowledgeable and are RNs and nurses themselves, so they’re able to make students feel ready to go into the nursing field because of all the opportunities you have in clinical as well as in the simulation lab, where your able to practice on patients and then take it out into clinical and be with real patients so when you start your first nursing job you’re ready to go because you had years of experience.

The thing I enjoy the most about the Nursing Program at UW-Green Bay is the ability to take classes that you’re focused on and like what you want to take to your specialty and the advisors do a really nice job of making sure you’re getting to where you want to go.

After graduation from UW-Green Bay, I hope to be a NICU nurse and I feel that after all this, all the schooling that I’m going to feel very fulfilled with my journey through UW-Green Bay and their ability to give me what I needed from them and to move forward and take into the real world as a nurse.

I’m really excited to work with patients and their families. Even like the tiniest of patients because I feel that the experiences that I’ve gained through UW-Green Bay have made me the person that can take care of anyone. Especially little ones. When it comes to nursing you just know that, it’s something you need to do.

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