Alumna Marty Stanley paying it forward with internship funding

UW-Green Bay alumna Marty Stanley’s innovative spirit has a way of inspiring beyond words.

TheScreen Shot 2017-03-09 at 11.25.12 AM speaker, author and organizational coach and consultant ( attributes her monumental success to the years she spent at her alma mater. In return, the 1977 graduate, who now lives in La Jolla, Calif., has developed a pay it forward giving system that will change the lives of numerous UW-Green Bay students.

Stanley returned to UW-Green Bay at age 25 after spending time at another university and in the workforce. The decision, she says, changed her life. The confidence-building work-study job opportunities provided to her, and the individualized attention from professors she received at UW-Green Bay, prompted her years later to become the first UW-Green Bay alumna to financially support an on-campus internship. Stanley is supporting UW-Green Bay senior Amy Bauer in an editorial internship in the Office of Marketing and University Communication.

Three words have guided Stanley over the years: Empowering, regenerating and sustainable.

“These words are what I bring to the organizations that I coach, as well as guide my giving choices,” said Stanley. “My contribution to UW-Green Bay meets that criteria as it empowers students by providing them with the tools to become successful and prompts them to pay it forward — regeneratingthe process in a sustainable manner.”

With University budget cuts and competition for off-campus internships rising, it is difficult for students to receive rewarding opportunities that allow them to build their confidence and skills going into the workplace. The internships UW-Green Bay offers provide genuine, portfolio-building experiences that help students grow as people and professionals. It also allows the University to retain student talent, rather than lose students to off-campus businesses and organizations.

For more information on unique alumni giving, contact Kari Moody, Director of Alumni Relations at

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