Elder-centric debit card concept wins WiSys Innovation in Aging competition at UW-Green Bay

L to R: Sanga, Bares, Lautenschlager, Gallagher-Lepak

The Assist team took first place in UW-Green Bay’s third annual WiSys Innovation in Aging student idea competition on March 1, 2019 with its “Scan Shield” concept of a safe debit card design specifically for the elderly.

The Assist — made up of UW-Green Bay students Jenna Bares, Emily Lautenschlager, Tommy Mlodzik and Garrett Spencer — won a $500 prize for its presentation before an audience and judges in UW-Green Bay’s Christie Theatre. Members of The Assist team represented the Design Lounge, a student organization, which works to broaden student designers’ knowledge of graphic design through real life experiences and involvement.

Team Health Sensor — made up of UW-Green Bay students Charles Warren, Ryan Ramminger and Andy Weigel — won second place and a $250 prize for its concept of an affordable health monitoring device. The team represented the Engineering Club, another student organization on campus. The second place award was sponsored by UW-Green Bay’s Austin E. Cofrin School of Business.

Team PureSock’s idea for a monthly subscription service that delivers specialized socks designed to alleviate the symptoms associated with nerve damage in the feet, as well as promote stretching and muscle functionality in the foot, took third place and a $100 prize. The team included students Calvin Salmon, Kristen Lewandowski, Rachel Wirth and Zeyu Yan. The third place award was sponsored by the College of Science, Engineering and Technology.

Team Futurism’s senior center cruise idea was awarded the People’s Choice Award by audience vote. The team was made up of Daijana Carrasco and Karina Mendez.

The Innovation in Aging competition challenged UW-Green Bay students to create innovative solutions to combat hardships and improve quality of life for an aging public. Nine student teams, made up of students of each of the university’s four colleges, made eight-minute presentations with their creative solutions and were evaluated by a panel of judges from the community.

The student teams received mentoring assistance from WiSys, UW-Green Bay faculty members and Green Bay area community members in the weeks leading up to the event. The competition gave students an opportunity to develop important skills such as idea development, collaboration and public presentation. WiSys also instilled an understanding of intellectual property.

The event was a partnership between WiSys, the UW-Green Bay College of Health, Education and Social Welfare, and the UW-Green Bay Gerontology Center.

WiSys is a nonprofit organization that works with faculty, staff, students, and alumni of the UW System to facilitate cutting-edge research programs, develop and commercialize discoveries, and foster a spirit of innovative and entrepreneurial thinking across the state.


In the photo, WiSys President Arjun Sanga and Susan Gallagher-Lepak, dean of the College of Health, Education, and Social Welfare, flank winning team members, Jenna Bares (left middle) and Emily Lautenschlager. Team members not pictured were Tommy Mlodzik and Garrett Spencer.

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Innovation in Aging Competition 2019

– Photos by Liesl Sigourney, Marketing and University Communication

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