Help in triplicate: Community members volunteer for Campus Cupboard cause

Three community members, who happen to have a penchant for their local public University, spend an hour twice a month, taking orders, stacking, sorting and organizing the Campus Cupboard so that UW-Green Bay students don’t go without.

Suzan Schober Murray, Lise Lotte Gammeltoft and Pat Larsen heard about the Campus Cupboard a year ago. Intrigued about the new effort, Schober reached out to Stacie Christian, to find out more about the Cupboard, which collects donations of food, clothing and household goods, for any UW-Green Bay student or member of the UW-Green by community.

It wasn’t long into the conversation when Schober Murray’s good friends, Gammeltoft and Larsen agreed to join. The three are already engaged with campus as scholarship donors, fans, and through service on committees, but this gave them a hands-on opportunity to make a difference, as well.

Suzan Schober and Lise Lotte Gammeltoft volunteering in CK One

Suzan Schober and Lise Lotte Gammeltoft
help to organize food stores in CK One.
Pat Larsen was not available for the photo.

“Our first time was last May (2017) after school year complete,” Schober says. “All the dorm food items came to the Cupboard. There were a lot of Ramen noodles.” Since that time they volunteer every two weeks for a couple of hours to stock shelves and organize items.

“It’s also a great opportunity to chat with students and with each other and generally support UWGB in a little different way,” Schober Murray says.

Christian said she is grateful for the help.

“They are very helpful and I certainly like working with them because they work hard and they make it very efficient for me.”

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