Alumni grab center stage with generosity

first-year-donors-topIn the last few years UW-Green Bay has virtually doubled the number of endowed scholarships it has available to students. The school’s graduates helped make that happen.

UW-Green Bay alumni or alumni couples created a long list of new endowed scholarships in the past two years.

Steve ’78 and Janelle Maricque ’82, at left center in red tie and fuchsia jacket, respectively, were among those on stage. They’ve always had a soft spot for their alma mater, and with good reason.

“The first time we met was in Wood Hall one day on lunch break,” Steve recalls. “We started talking, and we’ve been together ever since.”

The Maricques have long supported the annual fund drive, and Steve has served on the Alumni Association board, currently serving as president of the association. Well aware that UW-Green Bay’s largely first-generation, working-class students rely greatly on outside help to pay for college, the couple decided to fund a scholarship. The Steven and Janelle Maricque Endowed Scholarship serves new freshmen from Northeast Wisconsin.

“We recognize the value of the education that these students are receiving, and truly need, in today’s world,” says Steve. “We felt we were in a position to help, and to do something immediately so current students can benefit.”

Other members of the UW-Green Bay alumni family posing for the group photo (above) were Dean Basten, Kathy and Jim Wochinske, Kate and Mike Meeuwsen, Suzan Schober Murray, Jeanne Stangel, Tom Schober, Diane and Pat Ford, Mike Jackson, Donna Sheedy, Steve Lapacz, Pam and Rich Spangenberg, and Barth Wolf.

Stangel, the University’s vice chancellor for advancement, says alumni support demonstrates “that the people who know us best believe strongly in what we’re doing.

“They benefitted from a UW-Green Bay education, they have been successful, and they want others to enjoy those same opportunities.”

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