Video: Defying all odds – Shue Vang’s rise over discrimination

As he graduates from college, Shue Vang reflects on his childhood years when discrimination at school diminished his education. Shue Vang defied all odds. As a Hmong student at UW-Green Bay, he experienced equal educational opportunities, support from his professors, and tremendous personal pride as he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Democracy & Justice Studies.

Transcript: I’m glad to be a UW-Green Bay Phoenix is because that my real education was taken from me ever since when I was like a child. Yes, I did go to school but I was never given like the proper education like any other kids. Maybe because I’m a minority and they thought that maybe like since I’m a minority, then maybe like, I’m not going to do good like other kids. But at UW-Green Bay they don’t discriminate any students. Because if you’re a student then you are a student. And all the professors here are very professional and they will help you on your journey here. And just like me, I’m right now graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Democracy & Justice Studies and I’m happy and I’m proud of it. And I would like to thank all the professors that helped me too. Thank you.

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