Reminder: Campuses look to open safely on July 1

UW-Green Bay released plans last week to open slowly and safely beginning with faculty and staff and the outdoor spaces on July 1. If you haven’t reviewed it, please refer to the “Phoenix Forward: Return to Campus Plan.” Members of the Marinette, Manitowoc and Sheboygan campuses should watch their e-mails, and can contact their CEOs about specifics such as entry and exit doors and cleaning supplies.

Students at UW-Green Bay, Marinette Campus awarded for academics, leadership | Eagle Herald

Students at the UW-Green Bay, Marinette Campus were honored in an online awards presentation for achievements in academics and leadership. These students were nominated to have demonstrated notable achievement or excellence in the discipline as well as exemplary efforts in student leadership.

Source: Local students awarded for academics, leadership | Eagle Herald

Future 15 and Young Professional Awards event goes virtual, July 23

Current Young Professionals, a program of the Greater Green Bay Chamber, is shifting its Future 15 & Young Professional Awards, presented by The Donald J. Schneider MBA program at St. Norbert College, on Thursday, July 23, to a virtual-only event—and you’re invited to attend!

The event will include a live Zoom celebration showcasing all the Future 15 & Young Professional Award finalists including honoree videos, sponsor vignettes and award recipient announcements. In additional, finalists will receive an in-person visit from a safe social distance at their home from volunteers during the live celebration.

Some members of the UW-Green Bay community have been nominated: Kassie Batchelor, senior associate athletic director for compliance and student welfare/senior woman administrator, Ben Joniaux, chief of staff, Claudia Guzman, director of student life, as well as alumna Briana Peters (Accounting and Business) ’13.

“While we may be physically distant, we’re making efforts to feel as if we are all together,” said Mallory Nash, Current Young Professionals program manager. “We are working hard behind the scenes to ensure this is a Future 15 & Young Professional Awards to remember.”

The event will honor the Future 15 Young Professionals, from which one Young Professional of the Year (sponsored by KBX Logistics, LLC) will be selected. In addition, the Young Entrepreneur of the Year (sponsored by Nicolet National Bank) and Next Generation Best Place to Work (sponsored by PAi Retirement Services) recipients will be announced from among the nominees.

The event’s gold investors include Green Bay Country Club, Northcoast Productions, UW-Green Bay’s Austin E. Cofrin School of Business and Pieper Electric.

Registration is open and free to the first 500 attendees; learn more at


UW-Green Bay’s statement regarding Juneteenth

Juneteenth marks the day that enslaved people in Texas learned of their freedom, two years after Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation. June 19th began as a celebration of the rights previously not given to Black Americans – congregating in large numbers, dressing nicely, and singing together. Today, we use the day to recognize how far we’ve come, how far we have left to go and remembering those we lost along the way to get to where we are.

We encourage you to take time today to learn, celebrate and take steps toward an equitable future.

See this resource if you are interested in learning more about the day, or ways to recognize and celebrate the day.

If you are in the Green Bay area, there will be a Juneteenth celebration in Green Bay Perkins Park from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Learn more here. All are welcome. This celebration does encourage attendees to follow CDC guidelines of wearing masks and 6 feet of social distancing.

Photo of golf carts and the welcome sign at Shorewood Golf Course in Green Bay, WI.

Video: Shorewood Golf Course prepares to open in July

Superintendent Nate Rusch and his grounds crew at Shorewood Golf Course, located on the Green Bay Campus, prepare the greens and fairways for golfers with an expected opening date of Wednesday, July 1, 2020. Book your tee times online or call 920-465-2118.

A golf course employee operates the lawn mower to get the fairway trimmed at Shorewood Golf Course.
Rusch trims the greens to get the golf course ready for golfers as the Shorewood Golf Course gets ready to open on the Green Bay campus.
A golf course employee operates the lawn mower to get the greens trimmed at Shorewood Golf Course.
A golf course employee cuts the rough between fairways one and nine at the Shorewood Golf Course on the Green Bay Campus.


UW-Green Bay students play key role in calling for change

UW-Green Bay students have been playing key roles in many protests across the city of Green Bay, calling for change amid the Black Lives Matter movement. Zoe Betancourt (Democracy and Justice Studies), Hannah Beauchamp-Pope, Sierra Slaughter and Jordyn Cook (Human Biology) are inspiring examples of UW-Green Bay students dedicated to bettering their community. See this selection from the Green Bay Press-Gazette story…

Zoe Betancourt

Betancourt was one of the students who helped organize a protest. She wants to work in public policy and has a specific passion for health care, education policy and civil rights. She is involved on the UW-Green Bay campus and participated in the Jump Start Program, a mentorship program from MESA for first-year multicultural students to get acclimated to a UW-Green Bay.

Zoe Betancourt
Zoe Betancourt

Betancourt is excited to see non-black people attending these protests and their understanding of injustices in society, but also wonders why this realization took so long for some.

“I’m grateful, no doubt, people are finally coming to this realization, but in the back of my mind I’m just wondering what changed,” Betancourt said. “These things have been happening for years. So what was the tipping point?”

Hannah Beauchamp-Pope and Sierra Slaughter

Slaughter and Beauchamp-Pope at a Green Bay protest.
Slaughter and Beauchamp-Pope at a Green Bay protest.

Both aspiring lawyers, Beauchamp-Pope and Slaughter have been attending many protests lately and speaking to crowds.

Both are hoping their contributions will have a large impact, especially in reflection of the history their black family members have partook in contributed to.

“My grandfather fought in the Vietnam War. My dad has faced a lot of discrimination here in Wisconsin,” Beauchamp-Pope said. “So when I think about that, when I think about those people, and then I think about the people who will come after me — my daughter, my granddaughters — I don’t want the next generation to keep fighting the same fight my parents fought. That my grandparents fought.”

“My grandpa on my black side protested in the civil rights movement, and I think everything has just changed since then,” Slaughter said. “And hopefully, for us protesting, it can also change even more.”

Jordyn Cook

Hannah Beau champ-Pope (left) and Jordyn Cook (right). Photo by Miranda Copeland
Hannah Beau champ-Pope (left) and Jordyn Cook (right). Photo by Miranda Copeland

Cook, a UW-Green Bay women’s soccer player, has been speaking to the crowd at protests. She plans on obtaining a master’s degree in athletic training. She looks at herself as someone with passion for what she believes in.

“I’m part of this movement,” Cook said. “I think I’m doing my part to be a part of this movement. A whole is only good as the sum of its parts.”

She sees the movement as an opportunity for non-black community members to take a stance and encourages everybody to vote, especially in city and state elections that determine how communities are policed.

“And despite — because of my color, you should still love me. We should still be equal, regardless of that. So don’t say, ‘I don’t see color.’ That’s not the point. It is to see it, and love it regardless. To not treat it like less than.”

Source: Black youth activists and leaders play key roles in call for change in Green Bay amid Black Lives Matter movement | Green Bay Press Gazette

Congratulations to these faculty members on their promotions!

Congratulations to faculty receiving promotions. Approved at the UW System Board of Regents June 4, 2020 meeting, were the promotions of a number of faculty members. Listed below are the names, promotion and respective department of each of the 19 UW-Green Bay faculty members receiving promotion this year.


Name Promotion Department
Mike Alexander Professor Music
Mandeep Bakshi Associate Professor Natural and Applied Sciences
Kate Burns Professor Psychology
Jason Cowell Associate Professor Psychology
Sarah Detweiler Professor Art and Design
William Dirienzo Associate Professor Natural and Applied Sciences
Mary Gichobi Associate Professor Education
Maruf Hossain Associate Professor Resch School of Engineering
Allen Huffcut Professor Marketing and Management
Jeremy Intemann Associate Professor Natural and Applied Sciences
Sampath Kumar Professor Marketing and Management
Breeyawn Lybbert Associate Professor Natural and Applied Sciences
Upal Mahfuz Associate Professor Resch School of Engineering
Tetyana Malysheva Associate Professor Resch School of Engineering
Bill Sallak Associate Professor Music
Jagadeep Thota Associate Professor Resch School of Engineering
Christine Vandenhouten Professor Nursing & Health Studies
Aaron Weinschenk Professor Public and Environmental Affairs
Brian Welsch Associate Professor Natural and Applied Sciences
Jennie Young Associate Professor Humanities

All UW-Green Bay employees must sign electronic acknowledgement form

Consistent with UW-Green Bay Chancellor Alexander’s communication on June 15, 2020, the University will allow access to campus buildings from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday starting July 1, 2020. Access will be permitted for employees, students, and members of the public transacting University business.

All employees will be allowed to return to their work areas during the above listed times, but will be required to adhere to the established Employee Workplace Expectations which are set forth in the attached document. These expectations have been established to protect both employees and members of the public who access University facilities. Please carefully review the attached, and confirm your receipt and understanding by completing this electronic acknowledgment formEmployees will not be permitted to return to campus on or after July 1, 2020 until the acknowledgment is completed.

The University continues to encourage all employees to work remotely so long as they wish to do so and are able to perform their assigned work in a remote environment.  Prior to returning to your work area, please advise your supervisor of your desire to return so they can appropriately establish staffing as well as secure the necessary safety materials for your office space.  If you have been requested to return to work and do not feel comfortable doing so, please advise your supervisor who can work with Human Resources to resolve the issue.

If you have any questions about the attached documents, provisions of safety materials, or other concerns, please contact Human Resources for assistance.

Re-engage by ‘Recommitting to Extraordinary’ through the Non-Profit Leadership Certificate

As nonprofit organizations look to re-engage in a post-pandemic world, they can realize their fullest potential by achieving an Excellence in Nonprofit Leadership Certificate, a new certificate program available at UW-Green Bay in Fall 2020. Nonprofits can be catalysts for change, playing a critical role in strengthening civic engagement. The certificate program covers key aspects of leading a nonprofit, including human resources, fund development, marketing and communications. The program is comprised of five sessions with the addition of a capstone project. Registration is available for the entire program or individual sessions. Offered through UW-Green Bay Continuing Education and Community Engagement.