UW-Green Bay alumnus Beau Thomas is in the spotlight; mural artist is brightening the region

UW-Green Bay graduate Beau Thomas is in the news. He has designed and painted many of the murals people see around the city of Green Bay. The 2016 graduate, created the “Green Bay” and “Enjoy the Ride” murals on Main Street, the “Dream” mural on Pete’s Garage on North Broadway and the “Weidner Center” mural inside of the Weidner Center on UWGB’s campus. One of his first public murals is on the exterior of the Studio Arts building on campus and celebrates UW-Green Bay’s history. Read his story in the Press-Gazette.

What’s the Weidner Tea? is back for a socially-distanced episode

What’s the Weidner Tea? Is back for a socially distanced episode discussing the near future of the Weidner Center and the current suspension of live performing arts. According to Kelly Strickland, executive and artistic director, the Weidner Center is launching a new website dedicated to hosting live-streamed events and “bite sized digital performances.” Follow them on social media and subscribe to their e-newsletter for more information and updates. Watch the episode.

The first performance is the first concert of the 6:30 Concert Series, featuring Luis Fernandez in Recital, Wed. Sept. 30 (at 6:30 p.m.). See the website for more about the concert and to subscribe to the e-newsletter, the Weidner Wire.


WW II veteran and proponent of lifelong learning, Don Schimmels, 101, passed away last week

Don Schimmels, a WW II veteran and proponent of lifelong learning passed away on Sept. 9, 2020. He was a familiar face on the UW-Green Bay campus, taking classes through his 100th birthday. He was also the subject of many local media reports and was fond of saying  that the secret to his long life is the never-ending learning of new things. In 2019, UW-Green Bay honored him with the Phoenix Hero Award.

Schimmels served in WWII in the U.S. Army Air Corps from November 1940 to November 1945. He was a member of the American Legion Ralph Kline Post 262 in Luxemburg, and the VFW Post 3392 in Kewaunee. He was proud of his service and enjoyed weekly camaraderie with other veterans, sharing stories and memories at Festival Foods at the University Ave. location in Green Bay.

His funeral was Friday, Sept. 11, 2020. In lieu of flowers a memorial fund will be established in his memory. See the full obituary.

UW-Green Bay outlines study spaces on four campuses

Juggling back-to-back online and in-person classes can be difficult, especially with physical distancing on campus. Students looking for study spaces at UW-Green Bay campuses are welcome to sit on available furniture in common areas, as directed by signage. Additionally, each campus has study spaces in the libraries and computer labs. See additional information about available study spaces unique to each campus and please be sure to physically distance:

Marinette Campus
Students may study in the cafeteria (one person per table ), in the lobby of the main building, in the study room in the library, or in the computer labs. There are three reservable individual study rooms in the library building.

Manitowoc Campus
The library, commons, computer lab F139 (when not occupied by classes), Student Involvement Center and the Game Room are available for students.

Green Bay Campus
Within the library, students may study in the Library Commons or the 3rd, 5th or 6th floors. The Cofrin Library also has private rentable rooms for the semester a fee (no computers, wi-fi access), free reservable rooms equipped with a computer (Reserve at third floor circulation desk.), and non-reservable, first-come, first-served rooms with no technology but wired/wireless internet access available. The GAC (General Access Computer) Lab has reservable rooms with computers. (Reserve through the Lab Consultant.)

Other specific study spaces include: the Commuter Lounge and the Office of Student Life suite in the University Union, the Garden Café, concourse areas in Lab Sciences, Studio Arts, Rose Hall and Wood Hall. Many of the tables outside are within wi-fi-reach as well.

Sheboygan Campus
Students may access library computers or study in library study rooms, the Cyber Café (Room 4207) and a number of open classrooms (designated with signage).

UW-Green Bay Graduate Studies unveils new newsletter

The Office of Graduate Studies released its first newsletter. The newsletter will bring regular updates regarding Graduate Program opportunities, reports on grants available for graduate students, and changes in the office as they occur. This first edition will include spotlights of graduate students, the Graduate Studies staff, and reports of grant funding awarded to graduate students. For any questions or comments please contact gradstu@uwgb.edu.

See Grad Studies Newsletter Volume 1 Issue 1

Photo of the Covid-19 virus magnified.

Video: COVID-19 Why it Matters, Part 5—I’m young! Why should I care?

This video series features UW-Green Bay’s Immunologist Brian Merkel on COVID-19 and Why it Matters. This series empowers viewers with knowledge to help them navigate through the pandemic. In this video Prof. Merkel discusses how we can get back to the life we remember.

Merkel has a Ph.D. in Microbiology & Immunology from the Medical College of Virginia. He is an associate professor in UW-Green Bay’s Human Biology & Biology programs and has an appointment at the Medical College of Wisconsin Department of Microbiology and Immunology. He will be responding to a number of questions related to COVID19 and try to get behind the “why” it’s important to be educated in your decision-making as we navigate the pandemic together.

Video Transcript – COVID-19 Why it Matters, Part 5: I’m young! Why should I care?

Brian Merkel, Microbiology and Immunology, talking about why COVID-19 matters to you.

A big part of what we want to talk about is in terms of empowering you to be a part of this collective effort, to reduce the problem that is COVID-19.

We all want the economy to get back to where we want it to be. We all want to return to the lives that we used to know. So, even though you as a younger individual may have a lower risk in terms of disease and dying from COVID-19, you play a vital role in preventing the virus from being spread to someone else that have may have may have more dire consequences should they become infected.

And so, the more individuals that become infected that can’t handle the disease the greater the impact that’s going to have on the economy, The greater the burden that’s going to have on hospitals, and the harder it’s going to be for us to return to a life that we remembered before COVID-19 became a problem that it is.

So, related to all that we have to start thinking about how the virus is transmitted. This is generally thought as thought of as a respiratory disease. And what that means here is that the virus can contaminate surfaces so, we have to be mindful of washing our hands. The virus can be released when we exhale, when we sing, when we cough, when we sneeze. And the reason why those realities are important because that is the reason why we talk about face coverings. Those are the reasons why we talk about hand hygiene and keeping our hands clean. And the more we do that the greater and harder time we’re going to give the virus to continuing to infect other individuals.

And as more and more of us that do that while we wait for a vaccine, the quicker we’re going to get to be able to return to a life that we remember.

COVID-19 Why it Matters: Video Series Introduction with Brian Merkel https://youtu.be/M-yYPSPk30Q

Part 1: What are viruses and where did this one come from https://youtu.be/DYbiIv8ICgs

Part 2: Two main types of viruses https://youtu.be/O-OVk3rx96s

Part 3: Why is this virus serious? https://youtu.be/EDFyNN8i5G4

Part 4: Why wash hands/wear mask? https://youtu.be/FlcAvlt876Y

Part 5: I’m young! Why should I care? https://youtu.be/TDrEV_beY1U

Virtual Panel: Dr. Ashtok Rai, Dr. Jeremy Metzler, Prf. Brian Merkel, Amy Henniges, Fail Sims-Aubert, Caitlin Henriksen

COVID Conversations: Ask the Experts

The virtual panel: COVID Conversations: Ask the Experts was designed to answer questions of UW-Green Bay students specific to life at UW-Green Bay during the pandemic. Students emailed their COVID-19 related questions in to be moderated anonymously and answered by panelists. This is a live recording from Wednesday, Sept. 2, 2020.

Expert Panelist:

  • Dr. Ashok Rai, President and CEO Prevea Health
  • Dr. Jeremy Metzler, Prevea Health; Medical Director for Phoenix Athletics and The Wellness Center
  • Prof. Brian Merkel, Immunologist, UW-Green Bay
  • Amy Henniges, Counseiing Director at The Wellness Center, UW-Green Bay
  • Gail Sims-Aubert, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Campus Climate
  • Moderator: Caitlin Henriksen, Health Educator, UW-Green Bay

Students with any further questions regarding COVID-19 are encouraged to email covidresponse@uwgb.edu.


Coming soon.



Photos of a student exercising on a treadmill and hooked up to a breathing mask, while two students monitor the male runner and a professor looks on during the UW-Green Bay's Exercise Physiology lab.

Video: Human Biology is the perfect preparation for health science careers

Caitlyn Hibner knew most of her life that she wanted to become a physical therapist. She has gone through physical therapy herself and came out with a strong desire to help others regain their life. Caitlyn really loves the hands-on labs in the Human Biology Program and how her professors “genuinely want you to succeed and want you to be successful in whatever pathway you’re taking.”

Video Transcript:

I chose the Human Biology Program here at UW-Green Bay because I’ve known that I wanted to go into physical therapy for pretty much my whole life. Going through the physical therapy process myself really solidified that for me so, I knew that I needed to get there, and the Human Biology Program was the way to go. My favorite lab that I have taken at UW-Green Bay is Exercise Physiology being an athlete myself I kind of am forced to work out a lot and this class was so engaging and we did so many cool experiments with all the incredible equipment that we have here and just to learn how the body responds to all that activity is really incredible. What I personally enjoy most about the Human Biology Program, is the professors. They don’t make you just feel like another face in their class. They genuinely want you to succeed and want you to be successful in whatever pathway you’re taking. They help you learn hard content without even really feeling like you’re learning because they make it so fun and so engaging. And I think the biggest thing that they do for you, is they give you opportunities outside of the classroom. They want you to join in on their research and they will go above and beyond to make sure that you get whatever you need whether that’s in their class or not.

A career in physical therapy has always been my dream. I really just want to help people. And since being here, I feel prepared and I feel ready and I know that I’m going to be successful at the next level because of the classes and the experience that I’ve gotten here. The Human Biology Program here at UW-Green Bay is an incredible program for anyone looking to go into the healthcare field, physical therapy, dietetics, future medicine.

So, don’t worry, come to campus and when it’s all said and done, you’re going to miss it and you’re going to want to come back.”

— Video by Sue Pischke, Office of Marketing and Communication