Area physicians ready to perform, raise money for charity at annual ‘Doctors in Recital’ at UW-Green Bay’s Weidner Center | wearegreenbay

“Doctors in Recital” at UW-Green Bay will feature real physicians performing with musical instruments instead of their usual medical instruments. More via Area physicians ready to perform, raise money for charity at annual ‘Doctors in Recital’ | wearegreenbay. 

UW-Green Bay Social Work Program referenced in article about difficulty of Wisconsin schools to hire social workers | WPR

UW-Green Bay’s Social Work Program was referenced as a Wisconsin university that offers certification for becoming a social worker in Wisconsin. The article discusses how Wisconsin schools are struggling to hire social workers due to some of the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction’s administrative rules. More via Some Wisconsin Schools Are Finding It Difficult To Hire Social Workers To Help Kids | WPR. 

UW-Green Bay prepares for 50th Jazz Fest | Green Bay News Network

“Jazz Fest, sponsored by the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay and held on the UW-Green Bay campus will celebrate its 50th anniversary this January, with activities that begin Thursday, January 23, 2020.” Read more about the history of Jazz Fest and this year’s planned activities via UW-Green Bay prepares for 50th Jazz Fest! | Green Bay News Network.

UW-Green Bay, Marinette Campus Assistant Prof. hosts public talk on Jan. 22 | The Daily News

UW-Green Bay, Marinette Campus’s Assistant Prof. Renee Richer (Natural and Applied Sciences) hosted a public lecture on Wednesday, Jan. 22, 2020 on the relationship between water quality and neurodegenerative diseases such as ALS, Alzheimers and Parkinson’s disease. More via Bay hosts public lecture on Wednesday | The Daily News.

UW-Green Bay, Marinette Campus Office of Continuing Education announces upcoming programs | Eagle Herald

UW-Green Bay, Marinette Campus Office of Continuing Education and Community Engagement has announced several opportunities and events for the community to participate in. Seeing shows such as “The Lion King” and “Anne of Green Gables,” as well as taking American Sign Language are a few of the opportunities the Marinette CECE office is providing. Read more via UW-Green Bay, Marinette Campus, announces upcoming programs | Eagle Herald.

UW-Green Bay, Sheboygan Campus mascot, the wombats, are sheltering wildlife in Australian fires

Wombats (mascot of UW-Green Bay, Sheboygan Campus), are being hailed real-life animal heroes of the current, devastating wildfires impacting Australia’s wildlife. Wombats have reportedly been allowing other animals to seek refuge in their underground tunnels. Learn more about how wombats are helping their fellow wildlife here.

UW-Green Bay, Marinette Assistant Prof. selected to attend residency | The Daily Press

UW-Green Bay Assistant Prof. Renee Richer (Natural and Applied Sciences) has been selected to attend fully funded residency held at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute in Chevy Chase, Md. The seminar will focus on how faculty can develop a more equity-based mindset and educational experience for students. Read more via Renee Richer selelcted to attend residency | The Daily Press. 

Prof. Ryan Martin featured in piece about coping with Packers loss | USA Today Network

Associate Dean for the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences and Prof. Ryan Martin (Psychology) was featured in an article about how the recent Green Bay Packers loss can impact the mental health of fans. “I noticed that right away when I first moved here 15 years ago—a kind of collective disappointment, a collective joy on Monday mornings after a game weekend, depending on the outcome,” Martin said. “I’ve also seen it elsewhere. I was in Germany for a World Cup a long time ago … when Germany lost, I think, a semifinal match. The next day, you really had a sense of the whole community being pretty depressed, despite a really great performance that season.” The story is a fun read by writer Paul Srubas, it begins, “A long, long stretch of cold, bleak days lies ahead, empty and cheerless, dull and gray … and no, that’s not a weather forecast. It’s the end of the Green Bay Packers’ fairy-tale year, from their questionable prospects in the preseason to their post-season Cinderella carriage ride to the playoffs, to the bitter disappointment of being thoroughly schooled, then dropped unceremoniously into the dustbin of sports history with the rest of the losers.” More, including the interview with Martin and others via Sound advice from experts on coping with Packers loss Sunday: Suck it up, buttercup | Milwaukee Journal Sentinel