Faculty note: Psychology and Business graduate Rosalyn Stoa and Prof. Chu published an article

Rosalyn Stoa, a recent Psychology and Business graduate currently pursuing an Industrial-Organizational Psychology doctorate, worked with Assistant Prof. Alan Chu, chair of the M.S. Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology Program, to publish an article titled “An argument for implementing and testing novelty in the classroom” in Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Psychology. The article discusses the theory behind novelty as a motivator in the classroom, as well as its effect on teaching with technology and future directions for research.

Faculty note: Prof. Hossain paper accepted for publication

Resch School of Engineering Associate Prof. Maruf Hossain has co-authored a paper entitled “Teager Energy Operator for Fast Estimation of Three-Phase Grid Frequency,” which has been accepted for publication in the reputed Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Transactions on Instrumentation & Measurement Journal. This is an international collaborative work led by Hossain with other two professors from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, and Macquarie University, Australia.

Faculty note: Retired Prof. Kaye keeping busy

In the new episode of the Left Anchor podcast, Ryan Cooper and Alexi the Greek are talking with recently retired Prof. Harvey Kaye about his new book, FDR on Democracy: The Greatest Speeches and Writings of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Professor Kaye has other show appearances talking about Thomas Paine and the American Radical Tradition. Watch and listen:






Faculty note: Senior Lecturer Kevin Kain to continue international research, part of large grant

Senior Lecturer Kevin Kain (Humanities and History) is a member of an international research project entitled “Orthodoxies and Politics” awarded a $1,450,000.00 grant by the European Research Council. Former UWGB Visiting International Scholar Ovidiu-Victor Olar (Austrian Academy of Sciences) is the principal investigator. The project will investigate the religious reforms of Early Modern Eastern and South-Eastern Europe and run from 2022 through 2026. Kain will conduct and present archival research on the “Nikonian reforms” and conception of “New Jerusalem” in seventeenth-century Russia. He  will receive research and writing stipends, travel funding to Russia and Europe as well as a book contract with the publishing house of the Austrian Academy of Sciences.


Faculty note: Prof Chu gives advice on using stress appraisal techniques to control stress levels

Chair of UW-Green Bay’s M.S. in Sport, Exercise and Performance Psychology Program Prof. Alan Chu spoke to Virtual Vocations, a telecommuting company, and gave advice on changing the way we perceive stress and focusing on the controllable things in life in order to reduce stress during challenging times. “Much of the added stress we perceive are due to uncontrollable conditions, or conditions that are controllable by others that we may not always trust,” he said. “In order to manage stress, we need to identify what we can control in order to enhance the controllability of the situation, and then follow through to control the controllable.” Source: Virtual Vocations.

Faculty note: Professors Gurtu and Kumar publication

UW-Green Bay Associate Prof. Amulya Gurtu (Supply Chain Management, Austin E. Cofrin School of Business) and Prof. Sampath Kumar (Marketing Management, Austin E. Cofrin School of Business) co-authored a paper, “Sustainability from Designers to Consumers” in the Journal of Business and Economic Perspectives, XLVII(1), pp 68-90. This paper presents a viewpoint that functions, other than supply chain management, have a bigger role in environmental sustainability. Marketing is used to lure consumers into replacing products as often as possible. Replacing products, which are in good working condition, results in an increase in carbon emissions. It is a waste of precious natural resources. This raises the question whether customers are aware of the environmental impact of their buying behavior and do they consider sustainability when making purchase decisions. Study results suggest that even though students do care about the environment, sustainability in buying decisions has a low priority.

Faculty and staff note: Giese and Howe co-author publication

UW-Green Bay Senior Research Specialist Erin Giese and Prof. Bob Howe co-authored “Prioritizing coastal wetlands for marsh bird conservation in the U.S. Great Lakes.”It was recently published in Biological Conservation, Volume 249, Sept. 2020, 108708. Alumna Stephanie Beilke ’15, one of their former graduate students is also a co-author. See the abstract.


Faculty note: Associate Prof. Eric J. Morgan (Democracy and Justice Studies and History) Featured in Business Insider Podcast

Associate Prof. Eric J. Morgan (Democracy and Justice Studies and History) is featured in this week’s episode of Business Insider’s podcast, “Brought To You By…” The episode explores the story of the Polaroid Corporation’s engagement with South Africa and apartheid during the 1970s. “What responsibilities do corporations have to support social justice, democracy, and human rights?” Morgan asks. “It’s about the influence that individuals can have, in this case the Polaroid Revolutionary Workers Movement and its supporters, in putting pressure on large, powerful organizations.” The podcast’s host, Charlie Herman, learned about Polaroid and South Africa after reading Morgan’s article on the subject, which was published in Enterprise & Society: The International Journal of Business History.