Prof. Kaye talks to media about elections and current crisis

Harvey KAYE returned to the Majority Report to discuss how to think historically about the current crisis.
Professor Harvey Kaye returned this week to RISING on Hill TV Live to discuss how progressive ideals are emerging in the face of a crisis.

As America attempts to respond to the current pandemic, we can see more clearly the problems with our economic and political systems. Does history suggest a way forward? For this episode, Kaye discusses, Take Hold of Our History: Make America Radical Again, in light of the unfolding crisis.

Weinschenk article accepted for publication 

Associate Prof. Aaron Weinschenk (Political Science) recently had a peer-reviewed article accepted in the journal Current Opinion in Behavioral Sciences. The article focuses on the biological underpinnings of political orientations and is co-authored with Chris Dawes (Wilf Family Department of Politics, New York University). The article will appear in a special issue of Current Opinion on political ideologies, which is guest edited by Professors John Jost, Eran Halperin and Kristin Laurin.

Faculty note: Prof. Kaye on ‘Fringe Voices’

We discussed Professor Kayes early life and inspiration along with his early introduction to Thomas Paine that has stuck with him ever since. Professor Kaye explained the importance of Thomas Paine to us, as American citizens, and why we should care about Thomas Paine. We then take a deep dive into the importance of FDR during his time and what we should take away from his Presidency for today. How Bernie’s policies align with FDR…!5f49d

UW-Green Bay Assistant Prof. Chu and student Bailey Sommerfeld publish article on youth sports

UW-Green Bay undergraduate research assistant Bailey Sommerfeld (Psychology) recently worked with Assistant Prof. Alan Chu (Sport, Exercise and Performance Psychology) to publish an article in “Strategies: A Journal for Physical and Sport Educators.” Their work discusses strategies for coaches to work with parents who have tremendous influence over the youth athletes to help provide the best environment in which youth athletes can thrive.

Education professors receive inclusive excellence grant

Associate Prof. Christin DePouw (Education) and Assistant Prof. Miranda Schornack (Education) have been awarded $32,000 through a UW System grant for inclusive excellence. The grant supports professional development for educators at UW-Green Bay and Green Bay Area Public Schools (GBAPS) around culturally responsive pedagogy and equity-minded educators. The professional development seminars will take place during the 2020-2021 academic year.

Listen to Prof. Kaye talk radicalism in the making of democracy

UW-Green Bay Prof. Harvey Kaye (Ben & Joyce Rosenberg Professor of Democracy and Justice Studies) is live on WSLR965 discussing radicalism in the making of American democracy. You can listen live Wednesday morning. On Tuesday, March 3, 2020, Kaye spent time with the Roosevelt Institute chapter at the University of Tennessee Knoxville, discussing FDR’s Four Freedoms and Economic Bill of Rights.