Faculty note: Prof. Patrick Forsythe assists Australian research in publication involving amphibian breeding

Associate Prof. Patrick Forsythe (Biology) teamed-up with researchers from the University of Wollongong (School of Earth, Atmospheric and Life Sciences) in Australia to better understand the reproductive behavior of male and female red-backed toadlets. The research was published in the most recent issue of Behaviour. The site includes the abstract. The relative influence of climatic and

Patrick Forsythe and students tagging a northern pike.
Environmental Science and Biology students had a field day monitoring fish at a restored wetland on the west shore of Green Bay under the direction of Prof. Patrick Forsythe.

social factors on sex-specific variation in reproductive behavior remains poorly understood. Here, we examine the influence of multiple climatic cues in combination with a social cue on the reproductive behaviors of males and females in a terrestrial breeding toadlet (Pseudophryne coriacea). Over a 115-day breeding season, arrival patterns of each sex, and male calling activity, were recorded daily, while climatic variables were logged continuously. Multivariate analysis showed that arrival of males at the breeding site, as well as male nightly calling activity, were most strongly influenced by a climatic variable (rainfall). By contrast, female arrival was strongly correlated with a social variable (male calling activity), with abiotic conditions having no influence, other than a moderate influence of lunar phase (lunar illumination). These results suggest that cues used for breeding are sex-specific and provide new evidence that combinations of climatic and social cues can be integrated into breeding decisions.

Faculty note: Prof. Bansal was lead external auditor for University of Missouri St. Louis, Information Systems Department

Prof. Gaurav Bansal (MIS/Statistics) was recently invited to be the external reviewer for the five-year review of the curriculum and department practices at the University of Missouri St Louis, Information Systems Department. He headed the review team, which comprised of three internal reviewers from different departments besides him.

His other recent achievement was to speak to the doctoral students in the Information Systems department at the University at Buffalo (SUNY Buffalo).

Bansal is the Frederick E. Baer Professor in Business in the Austin E. Cofrin School of Business.

Faculty note: Ellen Rosewall publication

The second edition of “Arts Management: Uniting Arts and Audiences in the 21st Century” by Ellen Rosewall was released on Feb. 1, 2021 by Oxford University Press. The new edition features and ebook version in addition to paperback. The first edition of Arts Management was published in 2013 and has become a standard textbook in the field.

“Arts Management covers the gambit of issues in arts management. It is beautifully researched and written; sophisticated but accessible.” –William Krause, Hollins University

“This book is developmentally appropriate for today’s undergraduate student, and is both accessible in that regard and inviting of further engagement. The book feels personal — as though the author is speaking from the page — as opposed to overly sterile or clinical. The book feels like a teacher teaching me as opposed to a product teaching me.” –Jenny Fiebig, Fayetteville State University

“This text is a comprehensive look at arts management that will help anyone with a vision of a non-profit arts organization move towards a realized arts organization.” –Kimberly K. Harding, Florida A&M University