Former UW-Green Bay faculty member interviewed as an important woman in STEM and Technology

Former UW-Green Bay faculty member Prof. Angela Bauer (Biology) was recently interviewed as an important woman in STEM and Technology for Authority Magazine. When at UW-Green Bay, Prof. Bauer was awarded the University of Wisconsin System’s Diversity Award for inclusive classroom practices. Now, Bauer is the founding dean of the Wanek School of Natural Sciences at High Point University. Read her interview here.

Prof. Kaye discusses politics and new book

Elections are heating up and so are interviews with UW-Green Bay Prof. Harvey Kaye (Democracy and Justice Studies) talking across the nation about the political scene and his new book. Here is an opportunities to listen and watch: Harvey J. Kaye: How Bernie Sanders and Andrew Yang’s policies are inspired by America’s radical tradition.

Meredith and Lepak-Gallagher invited to speak at Door County Caregiver Conference

Profs. Sarah Meredith (Music) and Dean Susan Lepak-Gallagher (Nursing) were invited to the Door County Caregiver Conference “Engaging Minds, Empowering Success” on Nov. 15, 2019 at the Aging and Disability Resource Center in Sturgeon Bay. They presented on the “Healing Power of Music” to two groups of caregivers who learned how music can be used to enrich the lives of those with a health condition and how it can be part of taking care of themselves. Various types of music and characteristics of music (e.g., tempo, rhythm) were given as examples for impacting general well-being and specific health conditions (e.g., dementia, Parkinson’s disease).

Faculty note: Associate Prof. Jessica Van Slooten publishes co-authored article

Associate Prof. Jessica Lyn Van Slooten (HUS, English, Women’s and Gender’s Studies, Composition, and Writing and Applied Arts) recently published a co-authored article, “Better Living through Policy: Feminist Shared Governance and Equitable Evaluation,” in Academic Labor Beyond the College Classroom: Working for Our Values, a collection of articles on institutional and professional service and administrative work published by Routledge in December 2019.

Here is the abstract for Slooten and her co-authors’ work: “The authors advocate for the value of transparent, well-researched, and faculty-driven policy work to enhance the effectiveness of shared governance. Drawing from work in their institutional governance body, the authors provide a road map for collaborative and engaged service work in the interest of transforming faculty and teaching evaluations processes. The authors draw from feminist theory work and the lens of ‘feminist praxis’ in order to demonstrate how attention to asymmetrical power and material contexts of governance work can enhance the overall functioning and institution-building capacity of faculty service efforts.”

Staff note: Officer Jason Van Boxtel receives Tactical Patrol Officer Badge

The UW-Green Bay Police Tactical Patrol Officer is a new (voluntary) program, bridging the gap between Patrol and SWAT. Tactical Patrol Officer (TPO) is a training and recognition initiative to train officers in a core group of tactical skill sets that will better prepare them when confronted with unexpected, on-going violent criminal events. Officer Jason Van Boxtel is the first to successfully complete all required tasks to be awarded the TPO Badge. Congratulations!

Faculty note: Associate Prof. Aaron Weinschenk publishes peer-reviewed article

Associate Prof. Aaron Weinschenk (Political Science) recently had a peer-reviewed article accepted for publication in the International Journal of Public Opinion Research. The paper is entitled “Does Education Instill Civic Duty? Evidence from Monozygotic Twins in the United States and Sweden.” It is co-authored with Associate Prof. Chris Dawes (New York University) and Prof. Sven Oskarsson (Uppsala University, Sweden). Weinschenk is the lead author on the paper.

Associate Prof. Gurtu named associate editor for international journal

UW-Green Bay Associate Prof. Amulya Gurtu (Chair, Business Administration and Supply Chain Management) had been selected as an associate editor of the International Journal of Systems Science: Operations & Logistics for his expertise in the area of inventory management. The journal is published by Talyor & Francis.

Prof. Bansal recognized as AIS Distinguished Member

UW-Green Bay Prof. Gaurav Bansal (Austin E. Cofrin School of Business) was recently recognized as a Distinguished Member from the Association for Information Systems (AIS) and was given a Cum Laude designation. AIS is the premier academic association for Information Systems Professionals. Among the reasons cited for this recognition was “for sharing (your) skills and talents by serving in a leadership role within the association, and for advancing the field of research through AIS and AIS affiliated journals.”