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Prof Chu speaks with about the power of visualization for unlocking athletic and personal success

UW-Green Bay Assistant Prof. (Chair of Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology) Alan Chu spoke with Nike about the power of visualization for unlocking athletic and personal success and was quoted in the article, “See It Happen to Make It Happen.” When you imagine every detail, scenario and emotion involved in achieving your goal, you’re actually practicing how to succeed with concrete actions rather than just casually thinking about achieving it…By leaving nothing—OK, everything—to the imagination, your image can feel more real,” says Chu. See it at

Prof. Chu published an article on using positive psychology to foster student engagement during the pandemic

UW-Green Bay Assistant Prof. Alan Chu (Chair of the M.S. Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology), published an article titled “Applying positive psychology to foster student engagement and classroom community amid the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond” in Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Psychology. The article discusses implementation of three positive psychology teaching strategies—strengths identification and application, growth mindset, and gratitude exercises—during the pandemic. Find activity and assignment examples, here.

Prof. Coen presents on online pedagogy and inclusive teaching

UW-Green Bay Associate Professor Alise Coen (Political Science, Public & Environmental Affairs) delivered a presentation about online pedagogy and inclusive teaching to the Western Political Science Association (WPSA) Inclusive Teaching & Pedagogy Virtual Community on Wednesday, Nov. 11, 2020. Her presentation focused on designing online discussion prompts and best practices for inclusivity in asynchronous online learning. More information is available on the Western Political Science Association Website.

Mauel creates Data Science learning for girls/young women

Lauren Mauel, lecturer in the Professional Program in Education, created a curriculum on Data Science for young girls which has been selected by Create & Learn for its Hour of Code Activities Directory. Mauel’s curriculum, titled Fashionista of Data Science, is aimed at girls ages 13-18 years old. The curriculum teaches basic principles of data science through activities involving SQL code, design, and algorithm creation. Inspiration for this course came from her passion to interest more girls in the world of data science, says Mauel. Create & Learn aims to deliver virtual, fun, and interactive courses for children in areas such as artificial intelligence, data science and current technologies. Prior to starting at UW-Green Bay this fall, Mauel was a mathematics teacher at Green Bay Southwest High School. She currently teaches courses in the Education Program and Business Statistics this semester for the Cofrin School of Business. She is pursuing a Ph.D. at North Texas in Learning Technologies.

Prof. Shelton is among experts who weigh-in on current job market trends

“Given the change of course that has happened in the world, we wanted to provide expert opinions on what aspiring graduates can do to start off their careers in an uncertain economic climate. We wanted to know what skills will be more important, where the economy is doing relatively well, and if there will be any lasting effects on the job market. UW-Green Bay’s Prof. John Shelton  (Democracy and Justice Studies) was among those interviewed. Read the full article on Zippia’s website.

Retailers large and small adapt to compete this holiday season

Businesses large and small are making changes or offering promotions to draw in holiday shoppers during the coronavirus pandemic. Large retailers have been promoting Black Friday sales early and extending opportunities for people to shop online, said Vallari Chandna, associate professor of management at UW-Green Bay. Source: Retailers Large And Small Adapt To Compete This Holiday Season, WPR

Prof. Ryan Martin article: ‘When Narcissists Fail, Anger Follows: How Injury Turns to Rage’

We’ve long known that people with high levels of narcissism are more likely to get angry. Some of that stems from qualities that narcissists have that we know are tied to anger. Narcissists tend to be competitive, for instance, and competitiveness often leads to frustration. This article for Psychology Today was written by Professor Ryan Martin.

Source: When Narcissists Fail, Anger Follows: How injury turns to rage, Psychology Today

Car insurance advice from Prof. Kumar

Professor Sampath Kumar (Marketing) gives advice on finding cheap car insurance in an article on He explains the cons of low-cost car insurance, lowering your car insurance, and how to fit auto insurance expenses into a monthly budget. In another article on the site, he urges Wisconsin drivers to look for key factors when searching for the best auto insurance coverage:


Assistant Professor Michael Holly funded to help predict groundwater contamination

UW-Green Bay Assistant Professor Michael Holly
Assistant Professor Michael Holly

The Freshwater Collaborative of Wisconsin (FWC) awarded $122,000 to Assistant Professor Michael Holly (Environmental Science, Water Science) to lead a working group to investigate the environmental transport of PFAS. Research completed by the Sustainable Use of Biosolids (SUBS) working group (including PIs at UW-Platteville, Madison, and Stevens Point) will provide training and laboratory experience for undergraduate students at each campus. Completed work will help predict future PFAS groundwater contamination from soils receiving biosolids, facilitate generation of future land application guidelines to protect groundwater wells from PFAS, identify Wisconsin groundwater sources at risk, and evaluate a low-cost treatment to further minimize PFAS leaching.