Prof. Heidi Sherman awarded a Title VIII Fellowship

Heidi Sherman (History and Humanities) has been awarded a Title VIII Fellowship by Indiana University Bloomington to pursue intensive language study at the Summer Language Workshop in Summer 2021.  The fellowship will support participation in virtual classes in advanced Russian language, which will assist in furthering Prof. Sherman’s work on a monograph of the Viking town, Staraia Ladoga.

Prof. Shelton comments on ‘Key Wisconsin legislator calls for further regrouping of UW campuses’

In a statement, interim UW System President Tommy Thompson said he is already working to centralize certain administrative programs that would save the system money in the long run. He opposed Roth’s call for regional consolidation, saying “our universities are strong when they are accessible and connected to their communities.”

“A proposal to regionalize them threatens these critical connections by adding bureaucracy that will impede their ability to respond to community needs and depress local fundraising and business support facilitated by campus leadership,” Thompson said. “I believe the regional approach would be a step in the wrong direction.”

Jon Shelton, AFT-Wisconsin’s vice president for higher education and a professor at UW-Green Bay, expressed concern over Roth’s idea to further consolidate campuses, arguing the data on projected enrollment declines is unclear at best.

“We are in a moment where faculty and staff on every campus are working hard to ensure greater access to higher education in our state, but this report calls for the Board of Regents to restrict that access by consolidating campuses regionally,” Shelton said.


Source: Key Wisconsin legislator calls for further regrouping of UW campuses

Assistant Prof. Ani Pangarkar has advice on car insurance

How should students decide what level of auto insurance to purchase? What factors should students consider when deciding whether to bring their car to campus or keep it at home? What features should teens and parents look for when shopping for a car, and how will this impact car insurance rates? How can parents and teens budget for the extra expense of car insurance? UW-Green Bay Assistant Prof. Ani Pangarkar offers answers in the following MoneyGeek articles:

Expert Advice: Car Insurance for College and High School Students
Cheapest Car Insurance for Students

Ani Pangarkar
Assistant Prof. Ani Pangarkar

President Biden’s pro union stance is historic, but is it all talk (w/Prof. Shelton)? – Washington Post

President Biden is positioning himself as the most pro-union president in decades. In his joint address to Congress on Wednesday, he repeated his pitch: Responding to climate change will create union jobs, and union jobs will help rebuild the middle class. However, experts warn that he could be next in a long line of Democratic presidents who talk up unions but back down in the face of opposition.

…”Every Democratic president since Carter expressed support for unions and labor reforms on the campaign trails and in the presidency, but very little materialized,” said Jon Shelton, a labor historian at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. Obama endorsed the Employee Free Choice Act, which failed to pass the Senate in 2009; Bill Clinton supported a bill to prevent the replacement of striking workers, which also failed early in his presidency.”

Source: President Biden’s pro union stance is historic, but is it all talk? – Washington Post

Lecturer Xan Bozzo invited to give talk on digital ethics

Gartner, Inc. has asked lecturer Xan Bozzo (Philosophy & Humanities) to give a talk on digital ethics to a number of their clients. Gartner is a leading IT research and advisory company that operates in over 100 countries and is a member of the S&P 500. Bozzo will discuss the basics of business ethics (such as the difference between morality and legality) as well as current and cutting-edge issues (such as emerging ethical dilemmas pertaining to AI and machine learning). The talk is not public and is reserved for Gartner clients.

Assistant Professor Todd Hillhouse publishes in prestigious Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

Assistant Professor Todd Hillhouse, (Psychology) and director of the PANE lab at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, co-led a group of investigators from the US in an exploration of a new method of pain management. This novel psychopharmacological approach enhances the body’s own response to pain (endorphin release) and lacks the addictive properties and life-threatening side effects of standard opioid drugs (morphine and fentanyl). His cutting-edge research was just published in the prestigious, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Professor Lutsky’s color intaglio print entitled ‘Magic Lake’ has been accepted to the 27th Parkside National Print Exhibition.

Professor Berel Lutsky’s color intaglio print entitled “Magic Lake” has been accepted to the 27th Parkside National Print Exhibition—the most competitive Parkside National Print Exhibition on record, with 946 entries total. The Fine Arts Gallery, is located at UW-Parkside Galleries, Rita Tallent Center, 900 Wood Rd. Kenosha, Wis.

The exhibition opens May 4, 2021  with a reception and announcement of best in show award, Sept 23., 4-6 p.m. The exhibition closes Oct 2, 2021. It marks the 27th presentation of the Parkside National Print Exhibition and over 30 years since the first show opened at UW-Parkside. For three decades, the PNPE has shown some of the finest examples of original prints from artists nationwide, and it is one of the longest-running competitive print exhibitions in the Midwest.

The virtual gallery will be available for viewing after May 4, 2021.


Professor Forsythe publishes paper on adult and larval fish assemblages of Green Bay

Prof. Patrick Forsythe (NAS), with help from eight recent graduates, co-authored this research paper was co-authored with eight recent graduates of the Environmental Science and Policy Graduate Program!! Abstract: Small tributaries of the Great Lakes serve as important habitat during critical life stages of many fish species, though temporal and spatial dynamics of the assemblage that uses these systems are seldom investigated. This study quantifies larval and adult fish assemblages captured by fyke net and light traps among small tributary mouths of Green Bay, Lake Michigan. Ten tributaries harbored a total of 45 species representing 17 families, with the most abundant including spottail shiner (Notropis hudsonius (Clinton, 1824)) in adult assemblages and white sucker (Catostomus commersonii (Lacepède, 1803)) in larval assemblages. Larval fish assemblage structures differed over five biweekly sampling events in May and June. Adult fish assemblage structures varied among tributaries but not among spring, summer, and fall samples. Larval and adult species assemblages at these river mouths are likely influenced by hydrology, habitat structure, and species-specific ecology. Water movement may transport larvae into river mouths, as larval assemblages were dominated by species that spawn in coastal habitats. Adult species richness varied with longitude, with the greatest diversity in tributaries on the west shore. This investigation of fish assemblages highlights the spatial and temporal variation that occurs in these systems and their role in shaping fish populations in Green Bay.

Prof. Bansal is organizing and moderating a CIO industry panel

Prof. Gaurav Bansal (Cofrin School of Business) is organizing and moderating a Chief Information Officer (CIO)/ Industry panel as part of the 16th Midwest Association for Information Systems Conference hosted by Bradley University, Ill., with Green Bay and national IT/industry leaders. The panel is co-sponsored by Don Heath from UW Oshkosh and Shana Ponelis from UW-Milwaukee.

The cross-industry panel brings together leaders from different backgrounds and industries. The panel will share ideas to put together a set of recommendations to the US President to thrive in the age of digital disruption and transformation caused by the ponderance of emerging technologies such as AI, particularly in the context of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The panel will meet virtually on May 20, 2021 from 2 p.m. to 3:40 p.m. CST.


Panelists are:

Jon Biskner, CIO, Nicolet Bank, Green Bay (Fintech, Finance and Banking)

Troy Schiesl, CIO, Bellin Health, Green Bay (Health care IT)

Sarah Alt – President, Triple Ten Consulting, WI (Ethics and AI)


Raman Mehta, CIO, Visteon Corporation, Michigan (Raman is listed in Global Top 100 CIOs and also a featured author for Forbes Magazine) (self-driving cars)

Mukul Sharma, IT Leader, Google Business Unit, Tata Consultancy Services, Chicago (Cloud computing)