Phoenix Tales: Bryan Anker says he is reinvigorated by UW-Green Bay experience

UW-Green Bay alumnus (’12) and veteran Bryan Anker talks about his transformation — a reinvigoration — he credits to UW-Green Bay. Anker is a district manager for world-wide snack company Mondelēz International, Inc. and is a United States Marine Corps veteran. He enrolled at UW-Green Bay in hopes of completing his bachelor’s degree to give himself an edge as he advances in his career.

While explaining his excitement at earning a degree, Anker says, “It can never be taken away. Once you’ve earned that degree it is yours for a lifetime…”

Phoenix Tales: Coach Mike Kline

Cross country coach and academic coordinator for Green Bay Athletics Mike Kline says he has never worked a day in his life. “That’s because I have the best job in the world… When my alarm goes off at 4:26 every morning, I look forward to going to work, and when you look forward to going to work, life is pretty, pretty good.” Hear more from Kline — how he personally experienced the transforming power of a UW-Green Bay degree, and how it has shaped him to be a positive influence to those around him.

Enjoy the first of many “Phoenix Tales” spotlight videos:

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