UW-Green Bay chief information officer candidates interviews, May 17-21

Five final candidates for UW-Green Bay’s chief information officer position are expected to be on campus next week.  Each will be doing TEAMS Live presentations open to the campus from 1:30 to 2:15 p.m. each day. Following is a list of the candidates, résumés, interview dates and links:

Join Session Candidate Résumés
May 17 Wendy Woodward
May 18 Vikram Ahmed
May 19 LeVon McAllister
May 20 Zach Gorman
May 21 Damian Clarke

Please leave feedback on the candidates and presentations.

Sturgeon Bay Establishes NERR Committee – Door County Pulse

Sturgeon Bay wants to be the public headquarters for a National Estuarine Research Reserve (NERR) and officially established a committee last week to help make that happen.The waters of Green Bay are the world’s largest freshwater estuary, and the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay is leading the charge for that body of water to become the 30th NERR in the country. The national reserve designation is given by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).A NERR is a protected area established by partnerships between NOAA and coastal states. Although research is a NERR’s primary focus, other benefits include opportunities to reconnect people with the water (education), address pollution challenges (stewardship) and introduce citizen-science-based programs to the region (training).The new Sturgeon Bay committee will meet a couple of times per month and be subject to Wisconsin’s Open Meetings Law. It can have up to nine members, who will be appointed next month. The Sturgeon Bay Common Council officially established the committee by resolution April 20.

Source: Sturgeon Bay Establishes NERR Committee – Door County Pulse

UW-Green Bay launching electrical engineering program | News, Sports, Jobs – The Daily news

GREEN BAY–The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay will expand its engineering offerings by adding a degree in electrical engineering. They started in 2015 with engineering technology degrees, mechanical, electrical and environmental, and expanded to mechanical engineering in fall 2018.

“UW-Green Bay is meeting the demand for engineers due to the manufacturing growth in the Green Bay area and the NEW North region,” said John Katers, UW-Green Bay’s dean of Science, Engineering and Technology. “As the economy continues to shift toward one of innovation and technology–even in historically important manufacturing sectors like the paper industry–electrical engineers are in high demand. Because we have such a strong employer base in the area who can offer internships and other hands-on experiences, we can grow that kind of talent right here. It’s very exciting to be able to meet this demand.”

Source: UW-Green Bay launching electrical engineering program | News, Sports, Jobs – The Daily news

Website for the UW-Green Bay Provost Search is live

Information about the search for the UW-Green Bay’s next provost and vice chancellor for Academic Affairs is now available at the Provost Search Website. It includes a prospectus, timeline and information on the search firm and committee. There is also a place to apply.

“Building on the successes of recent years, including six consecutive years of enrollment increases and the creation of more than 20 new academic programs, UW-Green Bay seeks a committed leader to partner with the leaders, faculty and staff to champion continued growth and innovation that meets the needs and challenges of the region, ensures access to affordable higher education, prepares students for future success, and enhances the University’s contributions to the community.”

Visit the site.

Reminder: Think before you click; scams are aplenty

There are a number of new email and web-based threats that are targeting your account, identity, privacy, and finances.

The IRS is warning of a scam targeting people with edu email addresses. The email scam impersonates the IRS with subject lines like “Tax Refund Payment” or “Recalculation of your tax refund payment.”  The email then directs you to a website to confirm your personal information which could lead to identity theft or tax refund theft.  https://www.irs.gov/newsroom/irs-warns-university-students-and-staff-of-impersonation-email-scam  Don’t click on links on emails without knowing the authenticity of the email.

We haven’t seen any reports directly to us at abuse@uwgb.edu of COVID-19 vaccine scams but we have gotten warning notices from the FBI.  Their article offers good advice and information https://www.fbi.gov/coronavirus  Much like the IRS tax refund scam, don’t give out your personal information to unknown sources.

We are seeing examples of a photo copyright scam in which the scammer pretends to be a professional photographer claiming that we are using their copyright protected images on our website.  We typically see this submitted to public facing Qualtrics surveys but the scam can arrive via email as well.  This scam isn’t usually a phishing scam trying to get your account credentials, it usually leads you to download ransomware which will encrypt your files and attempt to extort money from you to recover your files.

We are constantly under the threat of everyday phishing attacks telling you that your “password has expired,” a missed voicemail, or an online file sharing email that you weren’t expecting.  All of these are typical phishing attacks targeting your login credentials.  The villains hope to gain access your account in order to send more phishing emails or worse login to other online accounts like your bank or financial aid.  For tips on how to identify phishing emails visit our phishing awareness information page https://www.uwgb.edu/it/information-security/phishing-information-and-awareness/ For tips on better online account security, Consumer Reports has a great article with easy tips you can take advantage of today  https://www.consumerreports.org/digital-security/tips-for-better-passwords/

As always, please send any suspicious emails to abuse@uwgb.edu  We will check it out and let you know if an email is legitimate or a scam.  Thanks for everything you do to help us keep UWGB systems and data safe.  Think before you click!


Step by Step – FVTC News highlights UW-Green Bay student and vet

Amanda Couch knows a thing or two about determination. The 35-year-old U.S. Navy veteran enrolled at Fox Valley Tech as a full-time student in 2014, and has since earned three associate degrees, all while raising her young daughter. Not only that, Amanda is now well on her way to earning a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a Human Resources Management emphasis at UW-Green Bay. It’s part of an agreement that allows FVTC grads to transfer to UWGB with junior standing. “All of my 64 Business Management credits transferred, as well as some Accounting credits,” she explains.Amanda’s FVTC degrees include Accounting, Business Management and Human Resources. Her goal upon graduating from UWGB is to work as an HR professional and ultimately lead her own team.

Source: Step by Step – FVTC News

What’s the buzz about? The cicadas are coming

The cicadas (suh·kei·duhz) are coming! That’s the talk around the country. Cicada Brood X is expected to emerge across several states in the U.S. this year after 17 years living underground. Brood X is one of the largest and most broadly distributed groups of periodical cicadas. What does it mean for Northeast Wisconsin? Resident insect and spider expert Mike Draney says Northeast Wisconsin will likely not see much of a change from years past, while Brood X will emerge across a large portion of the eastern United States this summer, spanning 15 states from Georgia all the way to eastern Illinois and Indiana. Draney will appear on Fox 11 on Thursday, May 13 to talk about the emergence. In the south and east, this will be a bonanza for predators, including copperhead snakes, as well as birds, squirrels, bats, wasps, spiders and other insects.

Reminder: Last week to see the 2021 Senior Show at the Lawton Gallery

The 2021 Senior Show Exhibit is on display through May 13, 2021 at the Lawton Gallery on the Green Bay Campus. Exhibition of work by senior students Carissa Crawford, Molly Gwitt, Kieran Krueger, Elyse Lemke, Brittney Meyer, Samantha Olson, and Amanda Shepard. The Lawton Gallery is located in the Theatre Hall building (Room 230). The Gallery is open during the spring semester, Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. https://www.uwgb.edu/lawton-gallery

How UW-Green Bay is helping the teacher shortage with their Education Program | WFRV

UW-Green Bay is going beyond their partnership with Local 5 Live for Teacher Appreciation Week by stepping up to train educators at a time of historic teacher shortages.

Chair of Education Department, Pau Lor spoke with Local 5 Live about some of the challenges facing education today, and what UW-Green Bay is doing to solve the problem.

Source: How UW-Green Bay is helping the teacher shortage with their Education Program | WFRV

NERR virtual kick-off events can be accessed at NERR website

UW-Green Bay and its partners, hosted two virtual kick-off events in April to educate the public about NERR and what it could mean to the region and state. The kick-off was highlighted by a video describing the importance of protecting our freshwater resource — not only for our physical livelihood, but for commerce, recreation, and pure enjoyment. Watch the video. The one-hour kick-off events can now be accessed at the UW-Green Bay NERR website.

UW-Green Bay and area partners are leading the charge to establish a National Estuarine Research Reserve (NERR) for the Green Bay watershed—home to the largest freshwater estuary in the world. The NERR system is a national network of 29 sites across the coastal U.S., designed to practice and promote stewardship of coasts and estuaries. Established through the Coastal Zone Management Act, the reserves represent a partnership program between the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the coastal states. NOAA provides funding and national guidance, and each site is managed on a daily basis by a lead state agency or university with input from local partners.

The regional NERR designation would promote a coordinating force to manage, restore and protect the Green Bay ecosystem, with a programmatic focus on four sectors—research, education, stewardship, and training.

UW-Green Bay and its partners, hosted two virtual kick-off events in April to educate the public about NERR and what it could mean to the region and state. The kick-off was highlighted by a video describing the importance of protecting our freshwater resource — not only for our physical livelihood, but for commerce, recreation, and pure enjoyment. Watch the video.

The one-hour kick-off events can be accessed at the UW-Green Bay NERR website.

Next steps will be to review relevant geography being considered for a site, draft criteria to be used in the site selection process, and identify 3-5 optimal candidate locations for the Green Bay NERR.