Chancellor Update, May 21, 2020

UW-Green Bay Chancellor Mike Alexander sent this update to campus on Thursday, May 21, 2020:

Dear UW-Green Bay Faculty and Staff,

I realize that not all faculty and staff were able to attend our most recent Coffee Break conversation.  Since that event, I have been asked by some faculty to send a note to campus to ensure that everyone understood my viewpoints on a number of current topics.  During this time, I know that communication is key and would like to do my best to reiterate the points I made during the Coffee Break and keep everyone informed. I want to make certain that we retain the atmosphere of trust and positive morale on our campus moving forward.  It is vital to the short and long-term health of our institution.  I also understand that the recent comments from UW-System have caused great concerns.  I will also address those below.

1)      The Blueprint put forward by President Cross and the UW-System has not been adopted by the Board of Regents.  As such, they are only ideas that were introduced without plans for implementation.  UW-Green Bay has a unique mission and vision and we will work with UW System to ensure that we are able to continue on our path to achieving it.  The best thing we can do as a campus is to control what we can control, which is to do our best to achieve our mission, recruit and retain students, and be good financial stewards of our resources.  To the extent we achieve those objectives, we place ourselves in the strongest position possible to support the faculty, staff, and students at UW-Green Bay.

2)      I acknowledge the anxiety about the future of our university and the UW System.  As you have already seen, we have taken steps to institute furloughs through this December to preserve our good financial position and mitigate the risks we face as a campus moving forward.  We will do everything we can to ensure we retain the outstanding faculty and staff necessary to carry out our mission.

3)      I recognize there is still a lot of uncertainty around the fall semester.  Unfortunately, I do not see the uncertainty changing soon.  However, we have announced our intentions to slowly reopen the campus on July 1 and to hold some version of in-person, hybrid, and online offerings for the fall.  I am so appreciative of the tremendous flexibility you all have already shown in readying our campus for possible contingencies.  We will use the Federal CARES Act funds to support our faculty and staff to be ready for the “new normal” in the fall.  In my opinion, the greatest risk we currently face as a university is to not get this right.  A significant drop in enrollment will leave us with no other option than having to make very difficult personnel decisions.

4)      I understand that faculty and staff are concerned about their health and safety as we slowly reopen campus.  The first priority we have as an institution is the health and safety of our faculty, staff, and students.  If you have concerns or need accommodations to the way you do your work due to conditions that put you or your loved ones at risk, please contact HR so that we can begin to sort out how to help make sure you feel safe in the workplace.

5)      I am fully supportive of academic freedom.  The content of every course is fully up to the person teaching it.  In these extraordinary times, we must just be willing to adapt our delivery methods to current circumstances and as always, do all we can to give the best educational experience possible to our students.

6)      I know the sudden transition to online instruction in March was a challenge for all faculty and staff.  I trust faculty and instructors to recognize the unknowns ahead and structure their individual course syllabi to ensure they are prepared for potential shifts in modes of instruction. CATL will provide support to assist faculty in being ready for the fall.  We cannot overstate the gratitude we have for our staff and their role in keeping the university moving forward during this difficult time

7)      As I stated at the Coffee Break, “I work for you.”  We value shared governance, tenure, and academic freedom.  We are stronger when we are together and we want to support all faculty and staff to reach their pedagogical, research, creative activity, and professional goals.  This in turn helps our students reach their goals and the university to excel.

8)      I will gladly listen to any individual faculty, staff member, or any group on campus who would like to share concerns about any issues on campus.  All campus leadership will continue to work with Shared Governance Units in addressing any concerns which may arise as we move forward in making UW-Green Bay successful.  Each one of you is vital in fulfilling the mission of our university, and I know our campus is at its best when everyone is free to share their concerns and to advocate for working conditions that will make them healthier and more productive.  We may not always agree on the best way to solve a problem, but I pledge to always listen to anyone’s point of view and do my best to explain the reasoning on how we are reaching decisions that impact the university.




May is mental health month; check out this class and free assessment tool

Everyone should care about mental health because everyone faces challenges to their mental at one time or another. According to Mental Health America (MHA), one out of five individuals will experience some kind of mental health in their lifetime, including depression or anxiety, and there’s a growing prevalence among youth. MHA offers a free assessment tool.

If you are struggling to manage your emotions or anxiety during the COVID-19 crisis, UW-Green Bay has created a course, designed specifically for you. Taught by Nationally Certified Counselor Angela Wessels, LPC, NCC. Nominal Charge: $25. It requires your registration.


Emily Miller and Mackenzie Ringer take first place in the UW-Green Bay Liberal Arts Essay Contest

Twenty-five students submitted essays and two students claimed the top prizes and a scholarship for the annual Liberal Arts Scholarship Essay contest. The Selection Committee was composed of Rebecca Abler, Vicki Medland, Chris Williams and Xan Bozzo. The essays will be published in the Sheepshead Review.

The first-year award went to Emily Miller (Psychology/Spanish). The committee had this to say about the essay:

“Miller’s essay was particularly strong to the committee as she was able to weave a broad understanding of the liberal arts, starting with the Yale Report of 1828, into her own personal experiences at UW-Green Bay. Her reflection as a reluctant gen-ed student who learned to appreciate how the liberal arts was enhancing her education and goals was particularly impressive. The quote, “In macroeconomics, I learned psychology; after all, the basis of economics is the human behavior which drives us to make purchases” was one that stood out.”

The second award, presented to a second- through fourth-year student, went to sophomore Mackenzie Ringer (History). The Committee wrote this:

“Ringer’s essay deftly makes the case for a liberal arts education as crucial to preparation of society for fluid, ever-changing circumstances. It analyzes the criticisms of liberal arts education and refutes those criticisms, making the case that while job and career trends can rise and fall, liberal arts provides the fundamental background needed to respond to a dynamic world. She includes the quick response of universities, specifically UW-Green Bay, to the COVID-19 pandemic as an illustrative example of how those with liberal arts values can respond quickly to changes.  Ringer acknowledges the challenges inherent in the rising cost of a college education and makes the case for addressing those in order to continue to provide equitable education for all.”


Congratulations to the 2021 Design and Arts Management Scholarship Recipients

UW-Green Bay Design announces and congratulates this year’s Design Scholarship recipients and all UW-Green Bay students for completing the 2020-21 school year.Scholarship awards were determined and selected by the UW-Green Bay Design faculty or at the Sheboygan, Manitowoc and Marinette campuses based on the student’s portfolio of images submitted to this call using criteria similar to those used to evaluate student work in Design Studio courses: visual communication and marketing that emphasizes creative problem-solving practice, research and two-dimensional design decisions that demonstrate creative and rational typography, image-making, underlying grid layout and information design.

Congratulations to the 2020-21 Design Merit Scholarship Recipients

Craig A. Mueller Scholarships (2 in Design)
Diane Le
Lauren Blumenthal

Edna Walter Damkoehler Endowed Scholarship
Joy St. Pierre

Russell Spears Memorial Scholarship
Briana Vandermaus

Sidney and Ruth Morris Scholarship
Kayla Underhill

Congratulations to the 2020-21 Art Management Merit Scholarship Recipient
The Arts Management Scholarship award was determined and selected by the Design faculty at all four campuses based on Arts Management accomplishments using criteria similar to those used to evaluate student work in UW-Green Bay’s Arts Management courses: those who have demonstrated arts management service leadership qualities, and actively participated in arts management activities on campus and community service.

Craig A. Mueller Scholarship (in Arts Management)
Amanda Shepard



Updated Dates: Digital Transformation Summer Series is June 18, 26 and July 10, 17

Please join the Cofrin School of Business for a Digital Transformation Summer Series on June 18, June 26, July 10 and July 17 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. by Zoom, to learn about new and emerging technologies that will shape the future of business as we know it. “COVID-19 and summer break can’t stop us from learning in the Cofrin School of Business! We’re determined to keep innovating and connecting with our UWGB community.”

Two one-hour sessions will be offered each week of the summer. Whether you can attend them all or just a few, all UW-Green Bay students, faculty and staff are welcome to join. See the full details and register for sessions here.

How to access mailroom during construction

The tunnel corridor between the Environmental Sciences and Lab Sciences buildings is closed for maintenance until further notice. If you need to access the Mailroom, please drive-up to the Shipping/Receiving dock on the west side of Lab Sciences building and use the exterior Mailroom door. Here’s a map to help navigate to the dock:

The Mailroom continues to be open for you from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m., Monday through Friday. If you have large mailings, please contact the Mailroom (x2215) in advance.

If you have questions, please contact Tory Ortscheid at

Marinette County Board meeting to take place on UW-Green Bay, Marinette Campus | Peshtigo Times

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, government business must go on. And despite the Wisconsin Supreme Court decision overturning the “Safer At Home” orders issued by Gov. Tony Evers, the monthly Marinette County Board meeting on Tuesday, May 26 will be held in the Theater on the Bay on the UW-Green Bay’s Marinette Campus to allow for social distancing.

Source: County Board to meet on Tuesday May 26 at UW Theatre on the Bay | Peshtigo Times