UW-Green Bay’s New Venture Acceleration students lead the way in business idea contest

Teams reigned supreme in the Spring 2020 UW-Green Bay (virtual) Business Idea Pitch Contest, recently. A team of four Business Administration majors from the UWGB New Venture Acceleration studio accelerator class took first place in the Spring 2020 (virtual) Business Idea Contest. Their business idea, Caps Off (pictured), is a better way to recycle plastic by using a smart vending machine and a rewards system.

Each semester for the past three years, UW-Green Bay has held business idea pitch contests on its campuses. The contest is open to all UW-Green Bay students of all majors. Dental City provided the cash prizes for this spring’s contest. Every student earning one of the top four prizes was a Business Administration major.

First place—The Caps Off team of Business Administration majors, Molly Hurrish, Kody Kohke, Cory Gruendemann and Kayla Wendland, took home the first place $500 cash prize from Dental City.

Second place—Joe Doro, Sydney Gille  and Brett Nimz, finished second and received $250. Their business idea, 3C, better Connects volunteers to Collaborate and Contribute with charities via an online avenue for completing specific social responsibility projects, community building projects and relationship creating projects.

Third place—Noah Redfearn, Emily Walczak, Brody Wiest and Maddie Yoss (Business Administration). Their business idea, Local2You, provides small business owners, inventors, crafters and artists a full-service way to get their products marketed and sold online from locally to globally.

Fourth place—and the winner of the People’s Choice Award from the cumulative votes of UW-Green Bay alumni entrepreneurs and UW-Green Bay employees—was the team of Jocie Georgeson, Valerie Ploeckelman, and Erin Reinke. They are the inventors of The Comeback CaneTM and earned $100 cash from Dental City. The Comeback CaneTM won’t fall to the ground when users drop it, preventing cane users from further injury as a result of having to pick up their canes.

Fifth place—and the winners of $50 from Dental City, was the team of Emily Barnes (Accounting), Lydia Delikat-Mitchell (Art) and Brianna Pritzl (Business Administration) with their business idea of SoapShop, a plastic-free high quality shampoo and conditioner retailer of high quality products in refillable aluminum bottles. The solution reduces single-use plastic.

For more information on UWGB’s entrepreneurship program (certificate for all majors, emphasis in the Business Administration major, contests open to all majors), please contact lecturer of entrepreneurship Ryan Kauth at KauthR@uwgb.edu or visit www.uwgb.edu/entrepreneurship.

In the photo from left to right: First-place prize winners, Molly Hurrish, Kody Kohke, Cory Gruendemann and Kayla Wendland.

Photo of baby geese swimming in a pond at the Wildlife Sanctuary in Green Bay, WI.

Video: Spring in UW-Green Bay’s Cofrin Memorial Arboretum

Spring flowers, blossoms, baby geese, deer and turkeys bring beauty to the Green Bay Campus and Northeast Wisconsin. UW-Green Bay’s Cofrin Memorial Arboretum forms a natural boundary of 290 acres encircling the campus that provides valuable habitat and an ecosystem for research, field trips, wildlife viewing and recreation.

Video by Sue Pischke, University of Marketing and Communication

Cartoon contest: What did the sandhill crane say to the turkey?

Cartoon Caption Results Are In!

The results are in and the collective Phoenix flock has spoken! (Or Squawked?) Much thanks to all who submitted and voted. The captions submitted ranged from the academic— “I gotta confess: I still don’t understand interdisciplinarity.” to questions of avian anatomy— “What is a giblet anyway?” But only one caption can rule the roost, and that is:

“This staying inside is for the birds.”
Submitted by Pamela Olson—Informational and Humor Specialist

Closely followed by

“Of course I miss the students. Noisy… a little messy…
but when you see them out and about on campus, you just feel closer to nature.”
Submitted by Christopher Sampson— Director of Humorous Communications, emeritus


“No, Thanksgiving has not been canceled yet.”
Submitted by Alise Coen—Human and Bird’s Rights Advocate

It is the purest of coincidences that all three finalists are present or former UW-Green Bay staff or faculty. All results were arrived through a robust qualitative analysis to avoid any bias: namely—is this funny? Plus, since the votes were surprisingly close, so all three will be receiving an original drawing emblazoned with their captions. Congratulations! (Please allow four weeks for delivery.) Thanks again for playing!