We're on a Mission 2019 Faculty & Staff Convocation

Watch 2019 Faculty and Staff Convocation, live

Whether it’s in physically or electronically, UW-Green Bay faculty and staff from all four campuses are invited to celebrate the 2019 Faculty and Staff Convocation tomorrow (August 21, 2019). For those who cannot be there in person, live stream video will be available, courtesy of UW-Green Bay Information Technology Client Services.

Live video of the 2019 Faculty and Staff Convocation program is due to begin at 10 a.m. Ice cream can only be obtained in-person, immediately following Convocation, in the University Union.

Live stream is no longer available.

Get 2 the Point: Phuture Phoenix program helps students dream

Students are getting ready to head back to school, from kindergarten to college. University of Wisconsin-Green Bay students start classes on Sept. 4. Later this fall, a new influx of students will arrive at UW-Green Bay for a day, courtesy of the Phuture Phoenix program.

It’s a campus visit program that started in 2002 by Cyndie Shepard, faculty member and wife of then-UWGB Chancellor Bruce Shepard, and Ginny Riopelle, who currently sits on the University’s Board of Trustees. The ladies had volunteered at an elementary school and encountered a young boy waiting to talk with the principal. Phuture Phoenix program director Mary Sue Lavin tells what happened next. More via Get 2 the Point: Phuture Phoenix program helps students dream, WBAY-TV.

Media coverage: Chancellor Miller announcement

There was plenty of media coverage last week stemming from Chancellor Miller’s announcement that he was leaving UW-Green Bay for Akron University. See some of the stories:

UWGB chancellor leaving to take post at University of Akron, Channel 3000, Aug. 14

Miller leaving UWGB for job in Akron, Insight on Business, Aug. 14

UW-Green Bay Chancellor Gary Miller named president of University of Akron, Press-Gazette, Aug. 14

University of Akron selects Dr. Gary L. Miller as new president, WKYC, Aug. 14

UW-Green Bay Chancellor Leaving For University Of Akron, WPR, Aug. 14

UWGB chancellor leaving for Ohio, WHBY, Aug. 14

UW-Green Bay chancellor accepts new role at the University of Akron, WFRV, Aug. 14

UW-Green Bay chancellor Miller leaving university, The Press Times, Aug. 14

University of Akron names Gary L. Miller as president, Akron Beacon Journal, Aug. 14

UW-Green Bay’s chancellor accepts University of Akron position, Fox 11, Aug. 14

Veggie Sale this week

Available at the Veggie Sale on the Green Bay Campus this week:

Italian Basil-$3/bag
Try this lovely Eleonora and Large Italian Leaf basil combo. This is a great option if you are looking to get into pesto making, to add on top of pizzas, or to incorporate in soups and salads. It can be used in both fresh and dried form. This basil has the rich, traditional basil flavor that we all know and love.

Lime Basil-$3/bag
Spice up your basil experience with this incredible lime basil. This heirloom seed originates from Thailand and has a true lime smell and flavor. You could add this to oils, salad dressings, pestos, or really any dish that could use a refreshing twist.

Fresh Herbs-$3/bag
We have a variety of fresh herbs ready for harvest in the gardens. Add some fresh flavor right away or dry these for later, either way you can’t go wrong! We have the following herbs available; parsley, sage, oregano, thyme, dill, and rosemary. Please specify which herb you would like so I know what to harvest for you.

Sweet Banana Peppers-$4/bag
Try these organic and highly flavorful sweet banana peppers! These are a long, yellow pepper with a mild kick. They complement most dinner dishes. I love adding these to stir frys, sandwiches, and in curry! If you haven’t tried a banana pepper before I highly recommend it.

Green Bell Peppers-$4/bag
A classic green bell pepper to add to anything you need. I have personally been loving to roast the peppers and then add them into a homemade hummus.

Thai Lavender Frog Eggs-$4/bag
In central Thailand, the natives refer to these small lavender and cream eggplants as “frog eggs.” These eggplant are about the size and form of a cherry tomato. They are very beautiful and probably something you haven’t tried before.

Enjoy a bundle of these beautiful deep reddish/purple beets. These beets are perfect pickled, fresh, cooked, or in borscht. Enjoy the health benefits of fiber, folate, manganese, potassium, iron, and vitamin C. Beetroots and beetroot juice have been associated with numerous health benefits, such as, improved blood flow and lower blood pressure over a period of time.

Red Russian Kale- $4/bag
Add some variety to your greens life with this kale. Stems are purple; leaves are flat, toothed, and dark green with purple veins. This plants also has leaves that are more tender compared to other kales. Great for salads and light cooking.

Rainbow Swiss Chard-$3/bagThe glossy dark green leaves have crisp multicolored stalks. This fun Swiss chard is sure to add the pop of color your dishes need with its range of orange, yellow, pink, and red stalks. Swiss chard leaves can be eaten raw or cooked but are less bitter when cooked.

Butterhead Lettuce-$4/bag
This lettuce has the thick, crispy leaves that you’ve been looking for to make the perfect lettuce wraps! Also great in tacos!

Oakleaf Lettuce-$4/bag
This lettuce is some of my (Libby) favorite! As the name suggests, this lettuce has the shape of an oak tree leaf. The leaves are an attractive, deep burgundy with a green interior to make for a stunning contrast. The flavor is mild enough to be used in just about everything.

Borage Leaves/Flowers-$3/bag
With a taste comparable to that of cucumber, borage has various culinary applications. This herb can be used in soups, salads, borage-lemonade, strawberry-borage cocktails, preserves, borage jelly, various sauces, cooked as a stand-alone vegetable, or used in desserts in the form of fresh or candied flowers. I like to use the leaves for tea and dry them in a similar way to the chamomile flowers. Please specify if you would like the leaves or the flowers of the plant.

Motherwort is a plant in the mint family, although it does not taste minty. It is bitter and I recommend adding a natural sugar to it if you are consuming it in tea form. Motherwort is a highly praised plant in herbal medicine. It is said to help with heart conditions, anxiety, absence of menstrual periods, intestinal gas, and over-active thyroid. I encourage you to do some research and see if this plant is right for you!

Fresh Chives-$2/bag
Get a large bag of these chives which are a wonderful addition to many of your staple dishes. Chives are rich source of vitamin K, C, and folic acid. They are also high in minerals such as manganese, magnesium and iron. If you are worried about having too many you can always freeze some for a later date!

Send a direct email to Libby Courchaine, @Courchaine, Libby – courem01@uwgb.edu to place your order! If you do not send your request directly to this email I will not receive your order. You will receive a confirmation email prior to Wednesday pickup to ensure your request can be met. SUPPLIES ARE LIMITED, so FIRST COMEFIRST SERVED.

This Wednesday (8/21) from Noon to 1 p.m. please come to the plaza gardens outside of the University Union. We accept cash only at this point. The gardens are located outside of the doors closest to the Cloud Commons and Phoenix Bookstore if you are coming from the University Union. The plaza beds are outside in between Cofrin Library and Theater Hall.

If you request produce, please remember to come pick it up so it does not go to waste. If these times do not work for you, please send me an email in advance with your order and I am more than happy to accommodate.


New Faculty and Staff ID card is here

You may have seen it — the new UW-Green Bay Faculty & Staff ID card is here! The ID card has a new look, but offers the same benefits and features. Stop by the University Ticketing & Information Center in the University Union to pick up your card at no cost to you. More information about your UW-Green Bay Faculty & Staff ID card can be found at www.uwgb.edu/union/id-services/overview. Details on FAST (FAculty and STaff) meal plans will be coming soon.




Campus Cupboard Challenge begins Aug. 26, 2019

The 2019 Campus Cupboard Challenge, “A Chest of Treasures,” will kick off on Monday, August 26 and run through Oct. 4, 2019. Non-perishable food items, personal care products, laundry products, cleaning supplies, and many more items will be collected, to fill the shelves for our students. If your area/department would like to participate, please contact Teri Ternes at ternest@uwgb.edu. The winning team will claim the traveling trophy until the next challenge. See the poster:


New ‘Bird in the Wings’ podcast features Provost Michael Alexander

Michael Alexander-27
Provost Michael Alexander

He will be the conductor of the first piece of the Weidner Philharmonic inaugural concert on Sept. 28, 2019. But first, UW-Green Bay Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Michael Alexander, sits down with Weidner Center Executive and Artistic Director, Kelli Strickland, for a Bird In The Wings Podcast exclusive interview. In this episode, they discuss his journey to becoming provost, his experience as a conductor, his love of music, and balancing an administrative and artistic life. Listen here.