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07/31/2018 - Prof. Fermanich talks run-off and dead zones

Green Bay’s dead zones — areas with virtually no oxygen or aquatic life — are in a constant state of flux, and probably not improving. They swell, shrink and shift from one year to the next — their fortunes dictated by rain, snow, temperature, wind, water currents and, significantly, too much runoff carried in from the third-largest watershed in […]

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07/31/2018 - TitletownTech is featured by UW System

The partnership between the Green Bay Packers, Microsoft and UW-Green Bay is getting a bit more exposure, this time as the lead item for the UW System website. See it here.

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07/31/2018 - NBC26 features Back-to-School Store at new UW-Green Bay location

The 26th annual Back-to-School Store is right around the corner and has an exciting new location after a recent partnership announcement with the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. The Service League of Green Bay is a non-profit group with a rich history of working to better the Green Bay area community and youth. The organization raises […]

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07/31/2018 - Faculty note: Reilly publishes on nursing student travel & clinical experience in Brazil

UW-Green Bay Associate Prof. Janet Reilly (Nursing) and her colleagues from the Universidad of Sau Paulo, Drs. Deborah  Falleiros de Mello, Maria Helena Larcher Caliri, and Fabiana Villela Mamede, along with Eliana Maria Fernandes de Aguair Tonetto, from the Ministry of Health in Ribeirao Preto, Brazil,  published an article titled, “An Innovative Exchange Model for […]

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07/31/2018 - UntitledTown has a call for pitches until Sept. 1

UntitledTown Book and Author Festival offers writers and readers of all ages the chance to exchange expertise, connect with one another, and continue expanding the vibrant arts community of Northeastern Wisconsin. Now, the dates (April 26-28, 2019) for UntitledTown 2019 are set, and the festival is open for your pitches.

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07/31/2018 - Faculty note: Prof. Sarah Meredith Livingston special guest at Czech Centennial Gala

UW-Green Bay Prof. Sarah Meredith Livingston (Music) and her husband Jay were special guests at the Czech Centennial Gala held at the Oshkosh Country Club, Oshkosh, honoring Mr. Radek Vondracek (front in red tie), the Speaker of the Parliament, Prague, Czech Republic, on Monday, July 23, 2018. Acacia Angelo, UW-Green Bay senior in music education, was […]

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07/31/2018 - UW-Green Bay student entrepreneur is ready to pitch wedding planning app

“Maria Arunkumar (Business Administration) is getting ready to take her business idea to Two Rivers on Thursday, August 2, 2018 to participate in the first Light Up the Lakeshore Business Idea Competition. She will be competing for a top prize of $1,000 as she goes against a group of other aspiring entrepreneurs; many of them […]

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07/31/2018 - Academic Staff Committee 2018-19 meeting

The 2018-19 Academic Staff Committee will meet on Wednesday, August 8 at 1:30 p.m. in Cofrin Library 735. The meeting is open for anyone to attend, and the agenda can be found here.  Questions can be directed to any member of the 2018-19 committee — Jamee Haslam (Chair), Eric Craver, Lynn Niemi, Jan Malchow, Bao […]

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07/31/2018 - Wetland restoration on the agenda for Cofrin Center for Biodiversity’s Erin Giese

Erin Giese of UW-Green Bay’s Cofrin Center for Biodiversity shared a letter to the editor titled “Prioritize wetland restoration in the next Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Action Plan.” In her letter, Giese points out that healthy wetlands are a sustainable ecosystem for wildlife and people. Read the full letter posted by The Cap Times.

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