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Camper sitings: Art, science and video camps in full swing

It’s never quiet on a college campus. Mid-July means summer campers overtake the walkways, the labs, cafeterias and the outdoor spaces. Students enjoyed the High School and Middle School Art Camps, Life’s a Lab–Reality Science Camp, and Video Game Programming recently.

High school art students could study among a variety of class offerings: photography trashion/fashion, acrylics, computer animation, selfie drawing, metals: jewelry and small sculpture, watercolor, screen printing and graffiti! Middle-school students chose between drawing, ceramics, comic book illustration, photography, fashion design, book-making, watercolor, acrylics, mixed media art and jewelry making. They proudly modeled and exhibited their work at the end of camp.

UW-Green Bay partnered with Bellin College to offer Life’s a Lab, where campers explored careers in the health sciences — specifically in physical therapy, sports medicine, emergency medical fields, radiology/oncology, mortuary, and research science.

The Video Game Programming Camp was for those interested in the applications and programming behind video games. Students learned how to write gaming programs and develop their own games. These camps are filled to capacity.

Dan Moore from UW-Green Bay’s Outreach and Adult Access area captured students learning, dreaming, creating, inspiring and enjoying. Enjoy the photos below and check out more about UWGB Summer Camps.

Real World Robotics and STEM Camps
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High School Summer Art Studio
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Middle School Summer Art Studio
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Life’s a Lab-Reality Science Camp
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Introduction to Video Game Programming Camp
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Passing of David Watanabe

Friends of David Watanabe share word of his death recently in Bellevue, Washington following heart surgery. He was 74. Watanabe was the first campus photographer and cinematographer, joining the UW-Green Bay academic staff in 1969 after years as filmmaker at the Delaware Educational Television Network. He traveled the state with production crews from the campus Center for Television Production, shooting miles of 16-millimeter black-and-white film before electronic video production supplanted film for on-location recordings. With colleague Mike Brisson he chronicled the first half dozen years of UW-Green Bay’s history on the Shorewood campus. (Some of the images and scenes that will be viewed in our 50th anniversary slideshows and films will be Watanabe’s work.) A third-generation Japanese-American, Watanabe was born in Hawaii the year of the Pearl Harbor bombing.

‘Anger guy,’ ‘Happy’ video: Martin pens column for Psychology Today

By now you’ve probably seen the irrepressibly fun, irresistibly catchy UW-Green Bay Psychology take on Pharrell Williams’ mega-hit, “Happy” (if you haven’t, check it out here. We’ll wait). You might also know that Associate Prof. Ryan Martin, UW-Green Bay’s resident “anger guy” (see http://blog.uwgb.edu/alltherage/martin/) was a driving force behind the video — and that the ostensible juxtaposition wasn’t lost on some of those who know him. Martin explains the connection and the video backstory in a new column, which was featured Wednesday (April 23) on the homepage of “Psychology Today.” He also talks about how Psych made “Happy” its own, incorporating classic study references and tiny Freuds. Good stuff, here: http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/all-the-rage/201404/why-anger-researcher-decided-make-happy-video.

Viral video: Psych gets ‘Happy’ — and we can’t get enough 

In case you missed it in yesterday’s Log Extra (or want to see it again — and you know you want to see it again), check out UW-Green Bay Psychology’s awesome take on Pharrell Williams’ mega-hit “Happy,” here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G1TjIZwKP10. (Bonus points if you can spot all nine references to famous psych studies and find the dozen or so Freud action figures hidden throughout the video.)

Video earns shoutout at Dietetics Conference

Recent Human Biology grads Laura Stalland and Jamie Hurley, Nutrition and Dietetics students, are currently enrolled in the UW-Green Bay Dietetics Internship program. The two entered a 90-second video – short, sweet, corny and aiming at kids with their Goldilocks theme – in the 2014 Wisconsin Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics National Nutrition Month Video Contest. They won! Their “Taste of Eating Right” video will be displayed at next weekend’s state conference. See the video.


Luperwhatia? Aldrete wraps up video series with V-Day origins piece

For the benefit of those who didn’t see Friday’s all-Valentine’s Day edition of the Log Extra, we wrapped up our series of #UWGBLove videos with award-winning Prof. Gregory Aldrete sharing an amusing bit of history on the possible romantic origins of Valentine’s Day. Caution: whips and nakedness are referenced. Check it out, and link to the rest of the week’s videos, here:
Valentine’s Day video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YDbybcoLcnI
Archive for the week: news.uwgb.edu/log-news/news/02/11/uwgblove-documents-affection-for-campus/

Do solid romantic relationships foster student success? ‘Share the Love’

As we told you here Friday (Feb. 7) we’re sharing the love on campus this week, using décor, contests, social media and more to tell the world what we love about UW-Green Bay. Part of this effort is our “Share the Love” video series, a quick daily installment of talk about love as seen through the eyes of academia. We’ll bring you historical, artistic, linguistic perspectives and more, starting with Monday’s installment from Associate Prof. Denise Bartell. A Human Development and Psychology faculty member, Bartell has researched the impact of romantic relationships on students’ success in college. She shares a quick snapshot of her work, including one result that may surprise you, in today’s video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lQrBQgjkJcg.

Video looks at education, artists behind Jazz Fest XLIII

UW-Green Bay Music is gearing up for one of its most enduring traditions Saturday, Feb. 9, hosting Jazz Fest XLIII on campus. This annual event features master classes and clinic sessions for middle- and high-school bands, two of which are selected to perform in a culminating concert at 4 p.m. in the Weidner Center’s Cofrin Family Hall. They’ll be joined by UW-Green Bay’s Jazz and Vocal Jazz ensembles, as well as guest artist Bobby Shew (described as one of the great trumpet players of our time) and guest arranger Prof. Bob Washut of the University of Northern Iowa. Our preview video has all the details.

Positive feedback for ‘Scholarships Matter’ video

If you haven’t yet clicked the link or don’t subscribe to the Log Extra, yesterday’s post of a new video titled “Scholarship Matters” has generated a few casual compliments for being a nicely done piece, one in which UW-Green Bay students and donors articulate the value of scholarship-related philanthropy. It’s also worth a second look, or maybe even forwarding to a friend.