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Professors Style, Meacham and Lutsky linked to ‘Really Big Prints’

UW-Green Bay News Style's Really Big Print, Meacham's 'Cases'

Drawing inspiration from campus colleague Prof. Rebecca Meacham’s flash fiction piece, “Cases: Willard Asylum for the Insane, New York, 1910-1960,” Art Prof. Christine Style created printing blocks for last weekend’s Really Big Prints event on the Manitowoc campus. Style (working at the event in image 18, below) imagined, drew and carved a print block — […]

Faculty note: Manitowoc campus Prof. Jessica Lyn Van Slooten to be featured in Manitowoc Art Slam in September

Manitowoc campus Prof. Jessica Lyn Van Slooten (English & Gender Studies) is an avid poet, who finds inspiration in the Great Lakes landscape, poetry of Emily Dickinson and different music genres. She will share her talent in Manitowoc Art Slam’s Poetry Slam. The event will take place September 14 through 16 in downtown Manitowoc. For […]

Really Big Prints at UW-Manitowoc

The Herald Times Reporter listed summer things to do in Manitowoc, recently. Among them is UW-Manitowoc’s Really Big Prints, in which artists create limited-edition prints so large that they need a street roller to transfer the ink to the paper. Really Big Prints 3.0 will take place July 11-14 from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., with […]

Video: Chancellor Miller talks transformation, welcomes branch communities

It’s a new transformation for higher education in Northeast Wisconsin. UW-Green Bay Chancellor Gary L. Miller welcomes the campuses and community members of Marinette, Manitowoc and Sheboygan to the new UW-Green Bay.

UW-Green Bay achieves 10-year re-accreditation

GREEN BAY — A little affirmation is good for the soul. A lot is even better, especially when it comes from an impressive body like the Higher Learning Commission. UW-Green Bay received word from the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) this spring that it has been reaffirmed for the next 10 years. The HLC, one of […]

UW-Green Bay Footprint Grows as it is Joined with UW-Marinette, UW-Manitowoc and UW-Sheboygan


Chancellor Says Creativity and Partnership Are Essential to Reinvent Higher Education Ecosystem Green Bay, Wis. — With the UW System’s restructuring proposal receiving approval by the Higher Learning Commission today, UW-Green Bay is welcoming three new campuses and communities — UW-Marinette, UW-Manitowoc and UW-Sheboygan — and preparing for the next critical steps in the restructuring process. On July […]

Chancellor Miller talks ‘new coastal university’ pending HLC approval

“Transformational change in higher education is coming to Northeast Wisconsin,” writes UW-Green Bay Chancellor Gary L. Miller in a column featured in the USA Today Network-Wisconsin. “The UW Campuses in Sheboygan, Manitowoc and Marinette are proposed to soon become, pending approval from the Higher Learning Commission, branch campuses of UW-Green Bay. With this restructuring, Northeast […]