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Sampson quoted by WPR on voluntary separations

A Wisconsin Public Radio story earlier this week noted that UW-Green Bay is the first of eight UW campuses with numbers to report on a campus-based “voluntary separation” program. Spokesman Christopher Sampson said a total of 29 individuals signed up for the buyouts (including him) with departure dates between July 3 and Jan. 7, 2016. He said school officials hope to reconfigure or consolidate jobs and maybe eliminate some positions. They hope to do that without laying off current workers. The story is archived here.

UW-Green Bay photo makes System’s front page

The University of Wisconsin System is rolling out a redesigned home page that will spotlight students and faculty in action. The first featured photo chosen to represent UW System excellence in action? It’s a striking shot by UW-Green Bay photographer Eric Miller, who captured the groundwater data mapping work of student Christa Kananen, using a GIS touchscreen. If it’s still up in rotation, you can see it at https://www.wisconsin.edu/.

UW-Green Bay homepage gets new look

You may have noticed that the University home page has an updated layout today (April 6). Campus personnel in Admissions, Web Services and University Communication worked together on updates that provide for richer and more frequent content updates and a better browsing experience for users, particularly prospective students, while remaining as a useful portal for UW-Green Bay’s primary audiences.

Updated departmental directory is available, online

The updates have been made to the department section for the 2014-15 campus directory. A PDF of the updated department listings is available at http://www.uwgb.edu/univcomm/2015-Feb-departments.pdf. The updates in red print show changes and additions.

***     ***     ***     ***     ***

In addition – The revisions to the 2014-15 department section of the directory are also posted to the online department listing at www.uwgb.edu/deptpeople/index.asp (click on “Detailed Directory”). Please keep sending updates to the department listings to Betsy Bassett-Piehl (bassettb@uwgb.edu) to help keep the online directory accurate.

Pop in and say ‘farewell’ to Kelly Moore

Personnel in the Advancement Division invite you to pop in at the Marketing and University Communication Suite, CL 820, on Tuesday, Feb. 3 to say farewell and best wishes to Kelly Moore. Kelly has served as the University’s coordinator of Video/Audio News and Media since May of 2011. Treats after 10 a.m.! She leaves the University to work in a similar position with Bellin Health and to help coordinate communication for an area event — the Bellin Run — about which she is passionate.

Last call: Any updates for the printed phone book?

For departmental listings … Betsy Bassett-Piehl of Marketing and University Communication manually compiles the offices/departments sections of the printed book. She asks that departments check over their listing(s) and send her mid-year updates by Friday, Jan. 23 at bassettb@uwgb.edu. Remember, that’s departmental listings, only. The revisions to the department directory will be posted to the online department listing at www.uwgb.edu/deptpeople/ (click on “Detailed Directory”). A PDF of the updated department listings also will be available if you prefer to print a copy. Look for a notice in the LOG.

As for individual listings … Please check your individual listing in the online directory at www.uwgb.edu/deptpeople/. If any updates are needed, please contact Human Resources at hr@uwgb.edu or (920) 465-2390.

UW-Green Bay-sponsored MLK event gets airtime ahead of Saturday celebration

We told you here yesterday that UW-Green Bay is a major sponsor and organizer for the annual Brown County Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday Celebration, taking place from 10:30 a.m.-Noon Saturday (Jan. 17) in the Student Center at NWTC. Event planning committee members have been busy promoting the celebration on local media, with TV appearances yesterday and today designed to offer audiences a preview of Saturday’s festivities. University Communication staffer and planning committee co-chair Kelly Moore appeared today (Thursday, Jan. 15) on WBAY’s Noon Show, while fellow co-chair Mohammed Bey, director of Diversity and Inclusion on NWTC, appeared Wednesday (Jan. 14) in two segments on Local 5 Live. You can check out the spots below:
WBAY’s Noon Show: Kelly Moore
Local 5 Live: Mohammed Bey
Local 5 Live: Mohammed Bey

The new phone books are here!

Still like the rugged dependability and new-paper smell of an old-fashioned phone book? You’re in luck. The new 2014-15 faculty/staff phone directories have been delivered. They are available for pick-up in the Marketing/Communications Office, but please remember that the printed phone books are distributed only to offices and units, and not singly, to individual faculty or staff. (It is done that way to better account for the limited supply.) To receive your allotment, have your designated phone-books-picker-upper report to Cofrin Library Room 820 between 7:45 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

Disclaimer I 
Entries for the department listings are compiled by staff in the Office of Marketing and University Communication, supplementing basic information from the Human Resources database with additional details. To update your department listing — and it’s fine and even preferred if you do so throughout the year, as changes occur — contact Marketing and University Communication at 2626 or bassettb@uwgb.edu.

Individual listings? That’s HR’s business 
Individual listings in the print book are derived from the Human Resources database of permanent UW-Green Bay employees. To update your individual campus listing, send an email with any changes to Human Resources at hr@uwgb.edu. Any changes for individual listings will be reflected in the online directory. For contact information on individuals employed on campus who are not permanent UW-Green Bay employees, see the department listings of the print book.

If you’d like a PDF …
 The entire phone directory is saved online as a PDF (http://www.uwgb.edu/univcomm/UWGB-2014-15-directory.pdf), in case you’d like to print out extra books or sections or even pages for your own use. Or want a PDF at the ready on your home computer or other device.

Another school year, another Log year

LOG-No 1

Welcome to the 46th year of the Log newsletter for faculty and staff of the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. The debut edition of the newsletter was dated Nov. 26, 1969. It was an every-other-week print publication back then. Since 1999, the Log has been strictly an email publication, with daily distribution as news flow demands. The easiest way to submit items for inclusion? Email the editors in the Office of Marketing and University Communication at log@uwgb.edu. After each day’s Log is emailed, most content is archived for future reference at this news site, http://news.uwgb.edu/. We also do a sister publication — the photo-illustrated, feature-content-driven Log Extra — once a week during the fall and spring semesters.

Log Extra stories feature campus, community and beyond

From accomplished alumni to cardboard creativity, Friday’s Log Extra e-newsletter had some terrific stories from campus and community — and beyond. You can check ‘em out, here:

“Slideshow: Workshop on ‘cardboard books’ draws crowd for Argentine artists” – read more
“The 360° experience has Mandal returning to his UWGB roots” – read more
“Education students volunteer their time to brighten local schools” – read more