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Archivist Deb Anderson needs your help to prep material for cataloging

The UW-Green Bay Archives contains a treasure trove of books, photos, slides and sundry print material. Some of this wonderful collection is not readily accessible because the material has not been cataloged. Deb Anderson, UW-Green Bay Archivist, is seeking assistance from retirees to prep a portion of this material for cataloging (actual cataloging will be […]

Deb Anderson seeks to bring the past back to life by connecting people with historical objects

Editor’s note: As Green Bay prepared to host the national television PBS series, “Antiques Roadshow” (viewers will be familiar with the format of individuals and experts coming together to discuss the value and rareness of objects), we share our story about UW-Green Bay’s “archivist evangelist.” “What’s past is prologue” -William Shakespeare History plays an important […]

Historic scrapbook to be kept in archives

The physical copy of a 19th century scrapbook containing rare letters and records will be digitalized by the Wisconsin Historical Society and kept in the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Archives and Area Research Center. The scrapbook had been owned by Henry and Elizabeth Baird who came to Green Bay is 1824. Henry Baird was the first […]

University Archives shares a video tribute honoring longtime UW-Green Bay employee Les Raduenz

The University Archives and Area Research Center shares a video tribute honoring the late Les Raduenz, a 32-year employee (and retiree) of the University. The video excerpt is from an October 2015 interview with Raduenz and Keith White regarding the history of the Cofrin Memorial Arboretum. Raduenz ended his brave two-year battle against ALS, April […]

UW-Green Bay to host hundreds for National History Day, March 4


GREEN BAY – More than 350 middle and high school students representing more than 230 projects from 16 Northeast Wisconsin schools will gather for a regional National History Day competition on Saturday, March 4. It is the 15th consecutive year that the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay will serve as the host campus. In keeping with […]

UW-Green Bay Humanities students study the living by digging into records of the past

Everybody Dies

‘Everybody Dies’ makes for engaging research What can one learn from President Kennedy’s death? Or the grief of a mother who kept a scrapbook to help her through the news that her son was missing in action during World War II? Or, the poignant 1876 diary of a farm wife who records the decline and […]

From Nixon to Obama, we’ve been down this road before


Presidential campaign stops are nothing new for UW-Green Bay and the State of Wisconsin. University Archives and Area Research Center did some digging and found photos from some previous stops. Among those included in the photo gallery: President Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Ted Kennedy, Walter Mondale, Richard Nixon (at the Brown County […]